March 14, 2010
It's Just a Matter of Time


You've likely heard the joke about the 80-year old man telling the younger man that he is so old that he won't buy unripe bananas.  That is one way of looking at the future.  I heard a better way today.


Several of us gathered to help clean up the gardens of Kim's 90-year old grandmother (see Listen to Life 11/01/09), which included getting rid of old plants, putting in mulch and adding a few new additions to the growing zones around her house.  The joke in the family is that she can poke a stick in the ground and a year hence it will be a robust plant.  It's all just a matter of time.


Because of this great knack, we had to ask her before removing anything from the ground, whether it appeared dead or not.  She even trimmed some leaves off some plants that were headed to the garbage can, swearing that she could sprout them.


While the old man in the joke was afraid to buy unripe bananas, grandmother was anxious and willing to sprout plants from sticks, leaves and root fragments.  We should never be too old to want to plant something to grow. 


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