March 7, 2010
You Must Have Needed It


 I nodded off four times before I was able to complete this sentence.  Maybe I should be listening.


We ignore all sorts of things that our bodies try to tell us.  Like all good listening, we must strike a balance.  If we listen too much to everyone's utterances, taking many out of context, we draw incomplete and often inappropriate conclusions; if we listen too much to every ache, pain or imperfection in our bodies, we misdiagnose or become hypochondriacs. There is a healthy balance, however.


While some of my friends' parents would wake their kids up after eight or nine hours of sleep, my mom would say "I figured if you were still sleeping, you must have needed it."  It helped that I wasn't a lazy kid an preferred to be out and active than laying around, but I was sleeping, she typically wouldn't wake me. 


We need to listen to what we need, be it sleep or activity, intellectual or emotional feeding, entertainment or contemplation, company or solitude.  Then act on what you hear, because "you must have needed it."


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