January 17, 2010
Passion Is Hereditary

The woman in my class tells a story that re-vitalizes a reality for me:  passion is hereditary.  In fact, passion often finds its way into our hearts and souls because of other people.  She and her family make a perfect example.


She doesn't run, yet she loves running.  The pain, the dedication, spirit, grace, competition, colors, movement...all of it.  She loves running and she photographs all aspects of it.  Her husband has been a runner since his youth, and all of their kids compete in track or cross-country, or both.  A wall in the home celebrates the accomplishments, as well as the legacy of running in the family.  It brings her to tears, even though she doesn't run.


During the class, I wrote a quote on the board:  "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."  I walked away from the board.  She said, "Steve Prefontaine."  She loves running; she knows running.


Each of us possesses passion for different things-writing, photography, running, cooking, dancing, star gazing, fishing, hunting, painting, walking, traveling, sewing, acting, speaking, leading, carving, ad infinitum-and it likely began when someone shared theirs with us.  Likewise, someone will certainly be moved someday by the love, passion and commitment that you have for the things you cannot not do.  Do not be discouraged if they learn to only observe or study your interest, and opt not to do it.  You plant seeds with your passions, but you don't know what will grow from them.


Her connection to this sport that I once loved and coached moves me.  But I don't believe my history with the sport alone explains my response to her interests.  She and her family convey the importance of sharing with others the things and activities we love, and the family is a great place to start.  Just don't be disappointed if they develop their own interests; sometimes it your energy and not the activity that will inspire.  Let the boundaries down and share.



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