December 27, 2009
Gift Your Self

Christmas was wonderful with great times, meaningful presents and open conversations.  Amidst the chatter heard these past few days with family, friends and strangers, I heard hints of other's true wants, and they weren't heard by the Christmas tree.  I don't believe  most people understand or own the truth of their wants, or of the gifts they can give themselves by living with intention and by listening to their own hearts' desires.

Things I heard represent the true gifts that people were looking for, but they simply need to look in their hearts, not under the tree.

"I would love to visit (place)."

"I once did photography.  I would like to get back at it."

"I would like to see (person) again."

"I wished I could learn to play (instrument)."

"I wanted to be a teacher."

"I feel like I could have made a difference doing..."

What greater gift to yourself than the actions that takes you to the places you want to go, to reacquaint yourself with others, to express yourself through creative outlets, or to make a difference doing something you know you're supposed to do?  Sadly, we tend to share these thoughts in conversations and personal moments, but we don't own them.

So, as we move from Christmas presents under the tree to New Year's, remember the greatest gift we can open is ourselves-to a life lived with emotion and using the gifts and talents we possess toward the things we are called to do.

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