November 15, 2009
Responding to Burning Bushes
This past week has been an amazing period of lessons, experiences and awareness-building.  I could easily write a score of newsletter items.  It has been a blessed week, because of the people I met and the things they shared.  I have encountered people who have responded to their burning bush experience.  They responded to callings. 
There were veterans from each war since WWII, the creator of the University of Houston-Clear Lake Veterans Day event and its lead organizer, NASA's second civilian astronaut, members of NASA's team Gemini and Apollo teams, a man who shared a WWII story for the first time a few months ago, and now takes the story to organizations with a title "Divine Intervention," a woman trying to honor the memory of her recently deceased colleague, the organizer of a writers club, a soldier coming to grips with the traumas of the Korean war (57 years ago), writers in search for their own stories and several others who somehow received a signal that there were actions to be taken, objectives to be achieved.  They could not not do the things they attempted. None of their journeys were easy nor did the world step aside to allow them their pursuits.  They persevered and persisted, they were relentless and optimistic.  And you could see in their eyes and hear it in their voices.  Some successes came in months and most in years, but some in decades.
One's response to a burning bush is never easy, do the results come quickly.  And rarely are they as expected or foretold.  Yet, persist, commit...respond to the call.


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