November 1, 2009
Be A Fan
Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the story about Kim's grandmother's 90th birthday party?  One of the things that I mentioned was the buttons made for the event:  bold, purple and sporting the words "I'm a fan of Izeal."  At another get-together this weekend, I was reminded how important it is to be a fan of someone and to make your feelings known.
We were talking to a woman at a Halloween party.  She had been at the birthday bash and still had the unique button on her back pack that kids saw at the school where she worked.  Their questions of her were intriguing:  "What kind of name is Izeal?," "Why were the buttons made?," and more.  She answered with great wisdom, guiding them along to their epiphany.  "That's a great idea!  We'd like to do something like that for our friends, too."
It is all too rare that people know they have fans to begin with, but to have that news proclaimed to others is even more unique.  Who are we the fans of?  Do they know it?  Do others know who we are a fan of and why? 
Be a fan.  Tell others that you are, too.


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