September 6, 2009
Simple Joy
The simple movie "Big" was on television the other day, and I was drawn to it like a child to a toy; having seen the sparkle several times before does not prevent one from being drawn back, again and again.
The popular scene of Tom Hanks and his boss playing a piano duet on a large, lit keyboard on the floor remains one of my favorites because it exudes simple joy.  Easy fun.  Involuntary pleasure.  Child-ness.  I can't help but smile at that, and watching it reminded me that too often I don't allow in such influences.  Is it "aging," "surviving," or "enduring" that serves as my excuse for not inhaling the joyful moment and exhaling with a laugh?  The cause matters little as long as I remember to ignore them and enjoy the moment of living.
Their antics where dance creates music acts like a tickle to the ribs.  You cannot control the smile reaction.  Such acts are contagious and attract a crowd.
When my youngest son was about eight years old, we had a somewhat regular routine when we were able to get him to school earlier than they allowed children out of the playground and into the building.  We played hopscotch. It must have been quite a sight with me in my suit and cowboy boots, and him just cute as a bug's ear, trying to play seriously while also laughing.  It wasn't long before we had an audience.  Children would watch, a few would ask to join in, and adults would sneak glances from a distance.  The moments were unadulterated.  They were joyful, fun, loving, laughing moments.
Do yourself a favor.  Watch the following clip.  Then find someone to play with on a swing set, hopscotch field, or jump rope.  And remember....joy.  The Piano Scene from "Big" 

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