August 30, 2009
The Need to Seek and Speak
People are driven to find their stories and the legends that preceded them, and crave in a natural way to share.
The middle of this past week wrapped up another of my four-week classes titled Memories to Memoirs.  I thoroughly enjoy guiding others in how to remember their lives' stories and how to begin to create writings based on the memories.  The joy was even greater for this class because of a couple of students.
Two of the women in this session were hungry to learn more, for very different personal reasons.  Whether for declaration or for discovery, the processes to seek and write present challenges and rewards, and they embarked on those two goals:  to discover and to declare.  It is safe to say that when they share, they will have more clarity for their own lives and will influence others from the lessons shared. 
As with all shared writings based on life stories, theirs will include wisdom and context.  Such knowledge helps us see how connected we are as people, and gives perspectives born in time and humility.  For most of us, our struggles are nothing compared to our ancestors two, three or four generations ago, for example.  Yet, our struggles are real and they shape us.
Later in the week, a gentleman who spent a now-famous career in the aerospace profession shared writings that reflected on a few specific incidents involving his father and extended family.  They were coal miners.  In his brief descriptions of character, courage and conviction, we also see humility and the antithesis of narcissistic decision making.
There resides great wisdom and context in the stories that comprise our lives, and stories continue to be developed daily.  As hungry as we are to learn about our own, we should be to learn about each others.  We grow in the silence of self-discovery and of listening to others.


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