August 16, 2009
Persistent Commitment 
My sons inspire me.  They always have, and surely will continue to do so.  One of the great traits they carry is persistent commitment, and it can be seen in many ways. 
Watching Cameron fish constitutes a short course in working hard, maintaining resolve and holding a course of action.  Whether the stringer is full or empty, his effort is always complete.  Invariably, he learns a bit more about life on each excursion.  Friday completed the duo of college graduations for his older brothers, one from Texas State (in May) and the other from Texas A&M.  In their successes were hard work, resolve and action.  Their journeys were not free of distractions nor impediments, but they stuck with it and learned about life along the way. They gained much more than a degree, and became teachers as they lived as students.
Perhaps that is the essence of how they inspire:  they learn and teach along the way, gaining more from experience than is simply required for a "test."  Life holds their tests, not the classroom.  That explains the things they do with energy, passion, enthusiasm, curiosity and persistent commitment.  As they remain students of life, they have clearly shown in their actions and behaviors, that they are scholars and gentlemen without giving up their character and personalities.  I am reminded by observation that we must be ourselves fully, willing to learn and then to teach in cycles of growth and living.  Failure is not a grade, but the act of giving up.


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