February 8, 2009
Listen to Life:  Simple Gifts 

My father collected dimes, but he was not a coin collector.  He was a husband, which made his collecting even more meaningful.
It began with him simply setting aside dimes from the change in his pocket.  He became more compulsive about it and began to buy the coins from us if we had some.  He was not a collector; he was a husband.
I don't know what started him in this form of silver addiction, but I do know what his intentions were.  He always rolled the dimes so he could cash them in to buy a little something for mom.  I'm not sure, but I suspect that it began out of necessity-a method to set money aside in a discrete way.  The habit continued even when funds were less scarce and there wasn't a need to squirrel away the shiny, silver coins.  Just a desire to.
Dad's actions of 35 years ago spoke much then, and now, about gifts and giving, unselfishness, and the little signs of love and loving.  It seemed appropriate to share with you on Valentines week.
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