January 4, 2009
Listen to Life:  Giving Life
 "Thank you for borning me," the little boy told the woman.  She had been the surrogate mother who brought him to life just a few years ago.  At each opportunity, he thanks her for giving birth to him.  His simple language is a lesson to us all:  each of us can give life to others, and we each owe gratitude to those in our life who give us spirit, hope and a sense of being alive...of being born anew.
There are many ways that we can give each other life and the scary-exciting-sometimes painful sensation of being born.  The muse does so for the artist; the teacher to the student; the supervisor to the employee; the mentor to the protégé; the coach to the athlete.  The reverse in each of those relationships is true, too.  Just as each person I photograph brings me new life of various levels, I hope that I give each some of the sensation, as well.  The same is true for the people who influence or inspire you in some way.  We also have opportunities to give life by loving and challenging and supporting others who we encounter in our lives:  children of friends, strangers, relatives, and so many more.
As we were created, we are also challenged to create, if only a short burst of hope or exuberance in someone we encounter in our daily routine.  That burst may dissipate, startle or give life to that person.  We have that opportunity to give and receive every day, and we have the need to say thank you to those who somehow have "borned" us in their lives of life givers. 
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