November 2, 2008

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Listen to Life:  Anniversaries
It was a year ago that Kim and I stood before family and friends to be married.  This past couple of days, then, were our first anniversary weekend.  And so it was fitting the multitude of snafus that occurred-none major-because this is an anniversary of life and relationship, neither of which are ever perfect.  And never should either be expected to be so.
Six weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Houston Center for Photography, inviting members to reserve a table for their annual print sale, which is also a fundraiser for the center.  I immediately instant messaged Kim to see if she would be up for selling photos on November 1st.  She agreed, and after I submitted our application for a table she sent another instant message:  "I can't think of a better way to spend our first anniversary weekend."  Her comment came with a smiley face, but...ooops.  I quickly replied, "Yikes.  I'll get us a nice hotel room for afterwards."  Of course, on the actual anniversary night, we'll also go to dinner.  Sounds good.  Life and relationship are never perfect, and never should either be expected to be so.
I'll give you the short version of the anniversary weekend:  My first gift for her-a really cool commemorative Wizard of Oz book since the first anniversary is paper and she's a huge Oz fan-turned out to be something she already had, which I determined after the book arrived.  Two other gifts must be returned tomorrow for similar reasons. The photo sale event yielded no photo sales and turnout was low so no one did particularly well.  The hotel was nice-Hotel Derek in the Galleria area-until folks in the room next door returned at 3:30 in the morning, talking loudly, making noise in the halls and smoking, which provided a scent to our room, though the hotel is 100% smoke free.  We called security and sleep was shallow, at best, from then on. The front desk staff was only superficially concerned as we checked out bleary-eyed Sunday morning.  We had dinner on Sunday at the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner exactly a year ago; tonight's meal was the first that we've ever had there and didn't like.  It all made for a good weekend celebration because we had fun, met some new people and experienced new things.  Life and relationship are never perfect, and never should either be expected to be so.
But the lessons were perfect.  Well, they were reminders.  When we stood before family and friends last year, we did not presume to say that either of us were perfect, that our marriage would be perfect, that life would be happily ever after like in a fairy tale.  We pledged that we came together, not out of need, but by choice.  The reality behind relationships-friendships, marriages, bonds-is that we go day by day, year by year, because of daily choices to live life together, not out of delusional expectation.  Life is real, love is real, and relationships are real.  Look to your significant others, family members, spouses, special friends, inspirations and mentors, and remember that for all the imperfection that is humanity, you choose them to be in your life as important people.  That is worth an anniversary.


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