October 5, 2008
Listen to Life:  Context of Time
This weekend I went over scores of files and notes as I worked on my next book about being son and father.  The writing was easy, but the process strained memories and emotions.  It was like opening a time capsule but, as with all processes that provide context, the weekend's work also provided lessons, and reminders of lessons taught and learned in the business of being son and father.
There were stories and snippets that made me laugh, and those that made me cry.  I re-visited traits that were my father's, mine and are now visible in my three sons.  Looking back at things I hoped would transpire a dozen years ago provides new insights and perspectives into what is happening now in their lives and mine.  My boys are my heroes, showing me strength, courage, curiosity, humor and wisdom exceeding their years.  That gives me hope for their futures.  Five years ago I wrote the poem below and today I am reminded how much we learn from each other.
In The Voice and Eyes of My Young Men
By Dion McInnis
In the voices and eyes of my young men
I see inside them, and me reflected there
Like a magical looking glass that looks into the future
And the past, at the same time.
The burning of their souls' passions
Were mine;
The curiosity and confidence of discovery
Were mine;
The confidence and knowledge that love will follow them the rest of their days
Were mine.
And in my eyes I hope they see smiles for a lifetime
Will be theirs;
Determination and courage, sometimes repressed, never vanquished
Will be theirs;
The belief in what can be and the confidence to ask for help
Will be theirs;
The humility of vulnerability and humanity
Will be theirs.
I can only hope that we're both seeing when we look
Father to son, and son to father.
Do we daily take the risk to see in our children, spouses, friends and strangers the great gift that only living can provide?

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