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January 2009
Thrive during the recession

We've used up almost 6 percent of 2009 already!  And with this major recession underway, it's easy to be discouraged. There are those few days after the First Night when we may feel that anything is possible, and then economic realities and daily challenges grip us once more.

The most important thing, if you have an operation you want to keep on a steady keel, is to stay in touch with your clients and be a source of energy in your market--whether it's newsletters, email, or even occasional phone calls.  

To help you think about this, take a look at Marcia Yudkin's "33 Keys to Thriving During a Recession." From solo business owners to hospital vice presidents, there's material here to get you thinking and build your optimism. Read "33 Keys" to help you start feeling new again and ready to make good use of the other 94 percent of the year.
High tech meets highly personal

On a bright note: I'm  an admirer of the sophisticated design, gentle tone, and pleasing music of Jacquie Lawson's animated greeting cards. There is the option to personalize your greeting, and the cost is minimal.

But wait, there's a drawback.  Or is it?  Last time I checked, Jacquie would not accept "bulk mailings," i.e. large quantities of email addresses dumped into her system.  In other words, she remains perfect for those of us with smaller mailing lists.

There's an intimacy to the cards, as though you had picked up your fountain pen and were writing personal notes to your clients. And we all know that this kind of connection, like any "relationship marketing," can be a powerful message.

I'll send you one (at no charge, of course) so you can see for yourself!  Let me know if you'd like a birthday card, an early Valentine's Day card, or something with champagne, flowers, or boats, to cheer you during these cold and fiscally gloomy January days .

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Thrive during the recession
High tech meets highly personal
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