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April 2009
What Makes a Good White Paper?

A white paper is an objective report on a relevant topic. If you are an attorney, this might be "timely estate planning." If you are a home health agency, your white paper might be titled "preventing falls in the home."

Your job, in a white paper, is not to proclaim your services, but to provide your reader with information they can use. By doing so you demonstrate your expertise and keep your name in the front of your reader's mind.

For example, a white paper about jewelry appraisal might describe what effective appraisers do, or the current market for precious stones at the retail level, but it will not contain sentences such as "XYZ Appraisers are the best in the business." My recent, brief, white paper about eNews summarizes what is known about the uses, and effectiveness, of email marketing, but it does not describe the reasons for hiring me.

A good white paper may be a page or two, or five or ten or twenty pages. It is always succinct, well organized, and made easy to read with carefully worded sub-headings and when necessary, footnotes and sources.
Happy Anniversary
Words in Motion celebrates its first anniversary this month.fireworks

Do you have an anniversary coming up? If so, I congratulate you! Here's something to think about: Why would a client care about your joy in completing another year, or another ten or twenty?

The answer is that the more a lawyer, or banker, or dentist, or chef, is fully engaged in their profession, the better off we are as clients.

Professional refers, of course, to someone who professes their work, has made a vow to fulfill it. When you write about your services, it's a good idea to convey your own commitment to your calling, through the tone you set as well as through the statements you make.

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What Makes a Good White Paper?
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