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October 2008
Information overload!!!
Let me recommend to you a quick look at the Information Overload Research Group (IORG).  "The competitive advantage we gained from getting more information faster is starting to disappear," says a member of the IORG.  This means that our electronic communications "need to be entirely relevant."

Well, of course.  And this is precisely what a newsletter, whether email or paper, has always done, when done right.  You're only mailing to people who want to hear from you, and you are providing the information you know they can use.

For example:  I know that most of you are pressed for time and face dozens of demands on your energy.  By telling you about IORG I'm reminding you that you are not alone in your struggle to meet deadlines and goals, and I'm also helping you think about your own readers, who need simple, to-the-point, and relevant information.
How do you slow down?
Barbara McClintock was the Nobel Prize-winning geneticist who studied corn plants.  She urged people to be contemplative, to take the time to look carefully and think about what they saw.  But increasingly technology, while speeding the pace of work, has prevented us from stopping to look and think--we check our email while we are talking on the phone and googling for information, and our heads begin to spin.

I don't work with corn plants, but I do have my favorite fountain pen, a much slower way of getting my thoughts down on paper than is possible electronically.  I can put the pen down and look out the window at the orange leaves and the grey squirrels.  I hope you also have some way to support contemplation as you go about your business of communication. 

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Information overload!!!
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