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July 2008
Newsletters and Stories
A strong newsletter always has a story-telling side.  More and more people recognize the importance of stories in effective communication.  See, for example, Annette Simmons' book about story telling--how the human element, the presence of emotion, the recognition of shared experience, all strengthen your message.

An article can be a story in itself, of course:  how you helped a client recover from a difficult challenge, your hospital's decision to purchase some highly advanced equipment, an employee's earning a top award.

But even articles about budgets and finance can include one or more brief tales to color and strengthen your point, and this is true as much for in-house letters and intranets as for client communication. 

For example, if you are adopting new accounting software, tell a story about an employee's personal difficulty with the old system, and how the new version has eased their work.  With a story like this you create a shared sense of experience, a recognition of joint interest in the innovation.

Stories are all around you--take a look and see what a difference they can make in your communications.
Fountain Pens & Clip Art 

colorful penSince this column is inspired by fountain pens, (see for example June 2008) I decided it was time for a new look.  In searching for pleasing pen images I turned first, as I usually do, to clip art. 

It's true, I am a writer, not a designer.  Perhaps this is why I love clip art.  See July's image here: so easily found, so easily downloaded to my email library--and so summery!  Even if you can't draw, you needn't be shy about exploring graphics to enhance your next mailing.  For those of us who are stronger with words than with pictures, those clips are a good place to start.

Stay cool--
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