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June 2008
The Humble Brochure 

What, hard copy??  Am I sure you need it?  Yes!  Think of all the spots where your simple, paneled folder can alight:  
    In a direct mail envelope
    In a holder on the doctor's reception table
    On the corner of your client's desk
    Pinned to a community bulletin board
    Passed from hand to hand in an office
    Shared with a friend ("Wait, I've got their brochure right here.")

If you've done your copy right (see "White Space") people will be curious, will want to glance (and that's all it takes) at your brochure, and maybe even write down your email address (you included it, right?) or URL.  Like a butterfly, your brochure's flight isn't predictable, but it will definitely catch people's attention, ensuring connection with you and your services.

Editors and Elbows
Is there an editor sitting on your shoulder?  The right one, or the left?  Does this editor murmur words of encouragement or, more likely, little phrases like "not that" or "stupid head" or "useless"? 

Peter Elbow, who pioneered the freewriting exercise, points out in his book Writing Without Teachers that our internal editor rarely interferes with our speaking voice-if it did, we would be talking at half-speed. 

Writing needs the degree of freedom that speech has naturally.  This is why freewriting is so valuable to writers-its only rule is that you must set a time and not stop for at least that long, no matter how bizarre or meaningless your output.   Then you will be ready to put your real message into words.
Painting with Pens 

fountain pen blue ink
I have a suede leather bound journal with marbled endpapers given by a dear friend for a significant birthday.  When I write in it, I use-yes!-my fountain pen.  Is this pretentious, I wonder?  In practical terms, of course, I can't use a keyboard, but why not a pencil, or a simple ball point pen?  Perhaps it's because of the ink that flows, like paint from a brush.  I'm not a calligrapher, but there is something about the flow of liquid that makes more of what I'm saying, heightens the awareness that I value what I am writing.  This can be valuable, when you are churning out copy-if you try it, let me know how it goes.  See you in July.

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Editors and Elbows
Painting with Pens
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