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September/October 2009
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Especially for Parents: Be a Role Model
Especially for Parents: Update from the Organizer
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That's Neat! Organizing has been busy this month developing new ways to share our ideas, tips, and tricks. First, I'm pleased to announce that the That's Neat! Blog is here! Written with my cousin Janna, the blog will share ideas for simple organization and design. Read how we each got our daughters organized for back-to-school, and let me know what you think.

Second, That's Neat! is on Facebook, where you will also be able to read our Blog and learn about upcoming events. Become a fan!

I'll continue to email the Neat Sheet but look for articles to appear on the Blog, Facebook, and in this newsletter. 
Have a fantastic fall,
Outside Organizing Checklist
As the cooler weather approaches in New England, here is a reminder list of  outside projects to take care of:
  • Clean and put away or cover up your patio furniture and cushions
  • Clean and store pool toys, and take care of the winter maintenance for your pool
  • Clean and put away bicycles
  • Unhook your garden hose and store it inside (we also turn off this faucet inside the basement)
  • If you are a gardener: pull up the annuals and clean out flower boxes/pots; rinse out and put away flower a final weeding/trimming of your perennials...this is also a great time to re-seed your lawn and plant spring bulbs 
  • Swap the screen doors for storm doors
  • Get your snow blower tuned up and ready for work this winter (sorry to bring up winter already)
Check out the NEW That's Neat! Blog
I'm writing this Blog with my cousin who is a here to read about what we did to get our daughters ready for new school adventures this fall.
You can also now find us on Facebook!
Especially For Parents: Be a Role Model
Has your child ever said a word you didn't believe they knew...or imitated a habit you'd rather they forget? Kids model behavior from others. Use this to your advantage: model good organization skills and over time, many kids will start to adapt the behavior. Some examples:
  • Put your bag/purse/briefcase in a designated spot when you get home
  • Put away things when you are done using them
  • Designate a regular time to clean up with your children
  • Sort and purge things you no longer use, talking with your children about how you will donate, sell, or share the items with friends

Recently I overheard my daughter make her Barbie doll say to another doll that she was making a "clothes to donate" bag. Then Barbie threw some clothes in a bag and set out in her car to drop off the doll clothes at the "donation place." I had only taken my daughter once or twice to drop off donations so I was very surprised to see her acting this out with her dolls. I guess you just never know what kids are paying attention to!

Especially For Parents: Update from the Organizer
In the last edition of The Neat Sheet I encouraged parents to "reset for summer" by cleaning out old school paperwork and making room for the new school year. With my daughter now heading to Kindergarten, I finally did my own reset. Read about it in the That's Neat! Blog.