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When was the last time you undertook a health check of your Crisis Management, Business Continuity or IT Disaster Recovery plan(s)? 

Maybe it's time to have one conducted by one of our experienced consultants?  
Whether it's a review of your existing plan documentation, assessment of your recovery site arrangements, or a workshop of continuity requirements with your business units and staff, you will receive a professional assessment of your current situation, recovery readiness and remediation plan.

Contact us on  1300-BCPLAN or by email to info@opscentre.com for more details on this offer.

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BC Awareness Week, Standards, Summits, Surveys


From 23-27 March, we welcome Business Continuity Awareness Week for 2009.  This is a global initiative sponsored by The BCI and see's professionals around the world raising awareness of business continuity to escalate its significance as as a critical management tool.  See below for more details and a link to the global BCAW website.

Late in February we saw Standards Australia release the first "draft for comment" of the Australian Business Continuity Standard - once released this will become AS/5050.  Unfortunately, due to feedback on errors and omissions, the downloadable copy of the draft was removed from the Standards website, but should soon be available again for preview and comment.

Several new continuity-related conferences and summits have also been announced over the last few weeks; we hope to see you at some of them.

Finally, Continuity Forum in conjunction with The BCI have just released their BC 2009 benchmarking survey - participants will receive a copy of the final report so we urge you to take a few minutes to complete this and gain an awareness of how you rank against your industry peers, locally and internationally.

I hope you enjoy this edition.

Warm regards

Rod Crowder
Ph: 1300-BCPLAN / +612 8251 0080
Mb: 0412 337 677
BCAW 2009BC Awareness Week

The 2009 BCAW kicks off in UK/Europe and here in Australia.  This year, the theme is BCM - Creating New Beginnings.

The purpose of this Week is to continue to "Raise awareness, promote and enhance Business Continuity Management and Emergency Response in both the private and public sectors".
Industry groups locally and around the world are once again partnering with the intent to provide practical ideas your organisation can utilise directly and/or share with your external business partners.
In Australasia, we have developed a BCAW website with a number of industry partners giving details of BCAW events and featuring BCAW information and resources.

To visit the Australian site for BCAW, click here.

To see what is going on during BCAW in UK/Europe, click here.

The BCAW also has its own dedicated website at www.businesscontinuityawarenessweek.org

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Australian Business Continuity Management Standard - AS5050

Its here.  Standards Australia have just released the first draft for comment of the Australian Business Continuity Standard.

The standard consists of a suite of three documents:
  • DR09013 - Part1: Business Continuity Management System Specification
  • DR09014 - Part2: Business Continuity Management Practice Standard
  • DR09015 - Part3: Business Continuity Management Audit and Assurance Standard
Given there is already an International Standard published for Auditing (see ISO19001 Guidelines for Quality and/or Envrionmental Systems Auditing) it was interesting to find the inclusion of one within the proposed business continuity standard, so we will watch with interest for the published version of the standard later this year.  Lets hope we don't end up with a mismatch in local and international audit requirements to comply with.

Due to a number of errors and omissions, the draft for public comment document was removed from the Standards Australia website, but should soon be available again at their websiteTip: search for 'DR09013' to get access.
2009 Summits and Conferences

There have been a number of business continuity-related summit and conference announcements over the last few weeks.  Here are links to a few of them.

BCI/CF - Business Continuity Summit 2009

Location: Brisbane, 24-26 March
Click here for the summit brochure

4th Annual Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Forum

Location: Swissotel Sydney, 15-16 June
Click here for the Forum brochure

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Security Forum

Location: Swissotel Sydney, 11-12 June
Click here for the Forum brochure

Continuity Forum - Crisis Management

Location: Melbourne, 30 June
Click here for more details

Emergency Management Australia (EMA)

EMA have a full schedule of government-related continuity, security and infrastructure protection seminars, forums and conferences listed on their website for the 2009 year.

Location: Various
Click here to visit their site
BC Benchmark Survey 2009

The joint Continuity Forum-Business Continuity Institute Benchmarking Survey is now online.

If you complete the Survey before the end of May 2009 you will obtain the complete Survey Report.

For access to the survey, click here
Training Courses and Workshops in conjunction with Continuity Forum
  • Training Course - Introduction to IT Disaster Recovery (full day)
  • Workshop - Testing IT DIsaster Recovery Plans (full day)
  • NEW!! Training Course - IT Disaster Recovery Technology Primer (half day)
  • NEW!! Training Course - Advanced IT Disaster Recovery Planning (half day)
  • All of the above courses and workshops are being held in conjunction with Continuity Forum; dates and venues are currently being finalised for the April-June period.

    For the Intro to IT Disaster Recovery Course brochure, click here.

    For more information or to register your interest in any of the above courses and workshops, please email us here


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