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When was the last time you undertook a health check of your Crisis Management, Business Continuity or IT Disaster Recovery plan(s)? 

Maybe it's time to have one conducted by one of our experienced consultants?  
Whether it's a review of your existing plan documentation, assessment of your recovery site arrangements, or a workshop of continuity requirements with your business units and staff, you will receive a professional assessment of your current situation, recovery readiness and remediation plan.

Contact us on  1300-BCPLAN or by email to info@opscentre.com for more details on this offer.

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Dear                                    Rod Crowder - Trailwalker 2007

Firstly, thanks to those of you who have submitted feedback on these newsletters - we'll incorporate your suggestions into future editions.  Interestingly, the most frequent comment related to my awful photo, so here's a replacement until I can find a better one!  And if you are intrigued by this image, read Walking Continuity below.

Anyhow, down to business.  Since 2001, AT&T has conducted an annual Business Continuity survey of 500 IT Executives within the U.S. The 2008 survey highlights some very interesting results, particularly around the frequency of Business Continuity Plan updates and testing, the consideration of cyber security, Recovery Time Objectives (RTO's) and special arrangements for communication during an incident.

The most concerning aspect of this survey is that while business continuity planning is seen as crucial by a number of the Executives surveyed, many (28%) indicated that it was not a priority within their company and almost one-fifth (19%) did not have or were not aware if their company had a business continuity plan in place.

This is one challenge that we face here at OpsCentre. On any given day, whether close to home or across the globe, significant events such as critical IT failures, power outages (Concord Hospital as a recent example) denial of access, and other similar events do occur, often resulting in catastrophic impacts to one or possibly a group of organisations.

Our challenge?  To create an awareness around these events, drive home the message that they are not uncommon, and promote the benefits of a solid business continuity framework to ensure the continuation of essential processes. The physical assets of any business can be protected via insurance policies, but the only way to protect your image, brand and reputation, is with a tried and tested Business Continuity Plan.

A full copy of the AT&T survey results are available at here.
I hope you find them of interest.

Warm regards

Rod Crowder
Ph: 1300-BCPLAN / +612 8251 0080
Mb: 0412 337 677
AlternateSiteVendorReport2008 Edition - Alternate Site Vendor Report.

The latest edition of our Alternate Site Vendor Report is now available and is a must-read if you are considering a third-party recovery facility (or perhaps just want to know a bit more about your current provider!).

The report provides detailed profiles of all of the major vendors in the local alternate-site marketplace: Alphawest, AAP, Enterprise Data Corporation, Hewlett Packard and IBM/Classic Blue.

It details the following aspects of each vendor solution:
  • General Information (Alternate site address and key contacts, Transport and accessibility, Facilities in close proximity)
  • Site Physical Facilities (Environmental monitoring systems, Fire and water leakage detection equipment, Power and communications)
  • Site Technical Facilities (Equipment and technical staff, Media storage, Internet connectivity, Printing, fax and telephone facilities)
  • Site Invocation and Testing Procedures (Site invocation procedures, Maximum duration of stay, Testing opportunities per year)
  • Client Policy (Client summary, Client/Seat Policy, Client/Seat Ratio)
  • Site Access and Security (Site accessibility, Access identification, Alarms and security controls, Car park and security)
  • Site Business and Support Services (Support services provided, On-site catering and food services, Warehousing and storage facilities)
  • Unique Selling Proposition (Unique selling proposition, Other relevant information)
This is a non-sponsored report and so vendors will not be provided with your details, nor will they be asked to contact you.

Price:   A$495 +GST
Pages:  63

For more information about purchasing this or other documents, please contact us:

Phone:  1300-BCPLAN
Intl:      +612 8251 0080
Email:   getresearch@opscentre.com
Trailwalker 2007 - FINISH LINE
Bushwalking Continuity?

Did you know that Rod is competing in this years Oxfam Trailwalker 100km event? If there's such a thing as a walking continuity plan, this is certainly going to be the year to test it!

In 2007, Rod and his team, "The Elite Athletes" (yes, there's a story behind the name), raised almost $8,000 for the Oxfam charity, and above all, crossed the finish line as a complete team of four in 30-something hours.  The entire event raised in excess of A$2.2M and this year the target is A$3M.

Trailwalker is recognised as the world's greatest team challenge, and it's also one of the toughest. The challenge is to get a team of four across 100km of Australian bush in less than 48 hours - and, collectively, to raise at least $1,000 to help to overcome poverty and suffering around the world.

This year the Sydney event will see 500 teams (2,000 individual participants) walk 100km on the weekend of 29-31 August, principally on the Great North Walk and the Harbour to Hawkesbury Walking Track in the bushland of northern Sydney.

To visit Rod's team homepage, to volunteer to help during the event, or to sponsor Rod and his team (all sponsorships, regardless of size, are gratefully received and are for a worthy cause), click here.
Training Courses and Workshops in conjunction with:
  • Workshop - IT Disaster Recovery Testing
  • Training Course - An Introduction to IT Disaster Recovery
OpsCentre is partnering with Continuity Forum to deliver two new IT Disaster Recovery workshops throughout Australia.
  • The next 'Testing IT Disaster Recovery Workshop' is planned for Adelaide, date to be confirmed by Continuity Forum.  For the workshop brochure, click here.
  • Introduction to IT Disaster Recovery course will be held in Canberra on 25th September. For the course brochure, click here.

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