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Kahua Update JULY 2011!

May this email find you in good health and happy spirit. Raphael and I are getting ready for our summer tour and we really hope to see you!  Please join me in Europe or meet up with Raphael and I in Los Angeles for a movie screening and enchanting concerts. You will find all of the information below. Have a fantastic summer and share your joy with gratitude. Be sure to check out the bottom of the newsletter for a surprise gift.  Enjoy! 


Kutira & Raphael


Upcoming Events July ~ August 

Click on the dates to get more information regarding each event. We are still posting new events. You may want to check closer to the dates. Get your tickets early.  Bring your friends so we can share our aloha and creativity with all of you.
We hope to see you soon!

The Dance of Earth and Spirit 

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The new feature-length movie, documenting our 20-year journey into sustainability through spirituality, where ancient traditions meet cutting-ede science. A blueprint for generations to come. You will enjoy our origianl soundtrack with new songs and the ones you already treasure in your hearts.
Watch our trailer by clicking the button below.
Be sure to check out the upcoming dates on our website kahuainstitute.com to see where the movie is being shown.  Come celebrate the Eco-Soul in you!

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The Lightness of Body and Being! 


Dare to say 'yes' to a life-changing experience with a groundbreaking approach to weight loss and ageless living. This book is a key to a transformational journey into long-lasting happiness and a youthful, vibrant and powerful new you!


This book is so much more than I ever thought it would be. Once I started I could not stop, I approached almost 400 pages!  Contribution of great art and insights of ancient and present wisdom gave proof that the spirit was guiding me. I hope you can join me at one of my upcoming events - where I have the opportunity to meet you and share this journey with you. The book will be available at Amazon.com, iTunes, Kindle, our website and of course print version. It is in the final stages of proof reading and touch ups... 

I can only say, like a good wine or cheese, the aging process takes time to create a taste on your tongue, that will linger forever.  I promise you this book will delight your body, mind and spirit.

Available in September!


  bmm video watch 

More info at: bodymindmorphing.com  

The first 10 people will receive a free download of our new album "The Dance of Earth and Spirit".

A New Look ~ New Websites ~ It Rocks! 

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Be sure to check out our new websites!  When you cruise on over the Kahua Mandala (www.KahuaInstitute.com) you will discover magic.  Like a treasure chest, windows popping up and you can travel into the many worlds, teachings and offerings we have created for you in the past 25 years.  There is so much information on our websites, along with great, eye catching images.  It feels we just got a brand new wardrobe for all our websites with the latest cyberspace fashion by hip desingers!

ll our music is now downloadable at www.kahuarecords.com. Please check it out as there is new music!  Of course you can also buy our music at iTunes, however the quality is better from our website.   The new soundtrack to our movie "The Dance of Earth and Spirit" plus 2 new CD's:' The Healing Light of the Amazon' and the 'The Eternal Feminine' are also available. By the way 'The Healing Light of the Amazon" has an awesome album cover to opens up to an alter for the Sacred Mother.  Similar to the beautiful album cover "The Sacred Voices of Bhutan". 

We would like to hear some of your comments for our new websites.  The first 25 people who send us input will receive a free download of  the song "Hawaiian Gloria" from our new album "The Dance of Earth of Spirit."
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