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I am a contributor to Aspire Magazine and am excited to announce being a Team inspiration partner. In their first digital issue, please read my article called "Find Yourself, Know Yourself and Be Yourself" and 10 tips to Becoming Your Authentic Self.

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Do you have a book inside of you that wants to be birthed?

Many people have shared with me that after reading Simply a Woman of Faith,  they began to write their book.

I am starting a monthly inspirational group for writers who want support and prayer to move forward birthing their dream of writing their book.

I can help you make your dream a reality. Please contact me if you are interested.

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My show will be on Monday @ 7PM

Join Pat Hastings, radio talk show host, and her special guest, Terry Cole Whitaker, best selling author of Dare to Be Great and her new book, Live Your Bliss.

                    "LET MIRACLES FIND YOU" 
                                January 17, 2010 
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                         (3rd Sunday of every month) 
If you cannot listen live, it will be in the archives and on Pat's website

                MARK YOUR CALENDARS

Mike Dooley, best selling author of Infinite Possibilities will be interviewed on February 21, 2110.


                        Happy New Year

                     A SIGN FROM HEAVEN

I can remember it as if it were yesterday as the song played on the radio. I jumped up and turned up the
volume to hear the words better. "Honey I miss you and I'm being good. An angel came and took her away." Tears rolled down my cheeks and goosebumps spread across my body. My mother's name was Honey.

The song Honey, by Bobby Goldsboro was written shortly after my mother died 42 years ago on New Year's Day.  I still hear the song and it touches me as deeply as it did the first day I heard it. I know it's my mother's way of communicating with me and letting me know she's with me and everything is okay. That's just like my mother to have a song written after her.

I am open to signs from my mother, especially around the anniversary of her death. On New Year's day, I spent time in prayer thinking about the past year and what I wanted to create in 2010. I wanted to feel my mother's presence and hoped to hear the song. I felt disappointed, but trusted she would show up on her terms,not mine.

I left church and drove to my daughter's house for a visit. Of course, I put the radio on hoping I would hear Honey. It had been quite awhile since I heard the song and even wondered if they still played it. No Honey!

When I arrived at my daughter's house, she was all excited because a friend had just told her that the house on the next street (that abbutted her property) was for sale. It had been her dream to buy this house so she could farm the land. Mary is an herbalist and grows and harvests her own vegetable and plants. (

Mary didn't know the woman who owned the house and was eager to introduce herself and let her know of her intentions. We walked around the block, rang the doorbell and waited. Mary introduced herself and said "I'm your neighbor and live in the house behind you." The woman was pleasant and invited us in. My jaw  dropped when she told us her name was Honey. Not only was her name Honey, but her elderly mother who lived with her was Honey.

My daughter and I just looked at one another in amazement as the chills went down our spines.

I didn't hear the song play on the radio, but meeting Honey today was our sign from heaven that all is well.    

                               Namaste, Pat

                   INSPIRATIONAL STORY                            

My husband died suddenly in February 2009. We were married 36 years. Needless to say, it has been a very difficult year without him. I have often felt his presence and I know he is with me when the basement lights flicker on and off for no reason. I felt down in the dumps on my birthday December 30. I just wanted to go home after work and put my head under the covers. Instead, I went to dinner with my aunt to keep her happy.

When we came home my aunt went to her bedroom, and I sat in the living room staring into the TV thinking of Walter.  

My 90 year old aunt's birthday was November 5. I bought her flowers with a mylar balloon that said Happy Birthday. When I passed my aunt's bedroom, I noticed that the balloon still had air in it and had floated to the ceiling. This was strange in itself because it had almost been two months that I gave her the flowers with the balloon.

What happened next was truly amazing and mind boggling. Walter was trying to make his presence known, for sure. Something caught my attention as I looked up and saw the birthday balloon hovering over me. It had floated out of my aunt's bedroom into the living room past me to where my husband used to sit and back to me again. I looked up and all I could say was "really, really, is this your way of saying Happy Birthday Wally?" I sat there in shock for quite awhile as the balloon hovered over the living room for 20-30 minutes.

This sign from heaven will stay in my mind and heart forever. Although it is not easy without him and I think of him every day, I know he is with me and was wishing me a Happy Birthday and he did it in his way.   

                                    Margaret Blake

                   INSPIRATIONAL STORY

                                   Matthew 5:3-9
I don't often quote the Bible, although I love its words as I do the words from most holy texts because they carry a very high vibration that sinks into my soul and thus raises my own vibration.
The poor in spirit and those who hunger and thirst have been put in my path so many times in the past couple of months.  Each encounter has been a blessing for me.  It has given me a chance to look at myself and to see my reflection in their eyes as well as to look in their eyes and see the reflection of emotions buried, sometimes deep, inside me.  As Mother Earth says "We are all ONE."
I walked into the coffee shop, and although there were other seats available, I hesitated for a moment and then chose to sit next to him.  He looked at me and then looked down and said, "I apologize dear, for looking like this. Perhaps you'd rather sit somewhere else."  "No, I'm quite happy sitting here," I said and smiled at him.  His eyes filled up with tears, and he said "Thank you."  He told me I reminded him of his daughter that had died two years ago. He used to live with her, but now lived in a boarding house by himself.  He had no family and he had outlived all of his friends. The waitress at this coffee shop was kind to him and he had come to give her a little Christmas gift. 

I finished my coffee and wished him a Happy New Year!  He gave me a huge smile as he tipped his hat at me and then recited an old Irish Blessing.  His whole demeanor had changed. He no longer looked deflated, but proud and strong, like the young man he had once been.  I left the shop being warmed by so much more than coffee.

I learned from the old man with the threadbare coat whose hands shook as he held a cup of coffee, that everyone has a story and that you cannot judge a person by their clothing or appearance.

                                       Linda Hogan


As a Spiritual Coach, I can help you become the woman God created you to be. I will help you give birth to yourself.  

The purpose of spiritual coaching is to assist you in finding God in the midst of life events, and to prayerfully support you during life changes. It is designed to inspire and awaken you to all possibilities of spiritual growth in your life. It is to help you focus on the solution as you build your conscious awareness of God's presence and activity in your life.

Call Pat @ 401-521-6783 for more information


                    Comment from client Lisa Tener:

Within two sessions with Pat I saw a huge shift in my life--I was manifesting time for all the things that nourish me--dancing, singing, walking in nature. Coaching by phone with Pat is powerful. I liked that I didn't have to travel to see her, but could work with her from home.      

                   Benefits of Spiritual Coaching

* Increase Self Esteem and belief in yourself
* Increase intuition and inner guidance
* Experience more joy and peace
* Improve relationships
* Build a strong connection with Spirit, God, 
   Source, Higher Power
* Develop a spiritual discipline and learn  
   to go within for your answers
* Move from fear to faith and step into your Power 

                           FREE EVENT

     Women's Club SWANS
                                 Meet and Greet

       Author of Simply a Woman of Faith
                             Pat Hastings

Learn about WCSWAN, enjoy our inspiring speaker and have opportunities to meet other women in the area. Join us for a FREE event.

                      A Journey to Yourself:
                  Moving from Fear to Faith

            Seven Miraculous Tips When Fear Grips

WHEN: Thursday, January 14, 2010

TIME:    6:00-7:30pm

WHERE: Portsmouth Library
2658 E. Main Rd.
Portsmouth, RI 02871

Pre-registration is required:


A Journey to Yourself: Moving from Fear to Faith

Are you ready to embrace your fears, move beyond them and discover what you really want?

Mastering your fear is the highest task given to you in this life.  Fear is the thief of dreams and can rob you of your deepest desires. Fear can grip you at any time and paralyze you if you don't recognize it and know what to do.  You will learn how to make your dream a reality by learning and practicing the Seven Miraculous Tips When Fear Grips.  Discover what it means to take full spiritual responsibility for your life, believe in yourself and live life to the fullest.    

WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 2010

TIME:    1:00-5:00pmOutlook Calendar
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WHERE: Concordia Center for Spiritual Living, West Shore Rd. Warwick, RI

PRICE: $45

REGISTER: 401-521-6783  


                            Spiritual Resiliency:
         Awaken to the Power and Love within

In this transformational workshop, Pat will teach participants how they can become spiritually resilient by developing a Spiritual Plan and live successful lives, especially during times of adversity and transition. She will share her experiences both personally and professionally as an Author, Spiritual Coach and Psychotherapist for over 20 years.  To awaken the Love and Power within and embrace your Authentic Self, you must commit to daily spiritual practice where you connect with Spirit through prayer and meditation. You will identify what personal power is and how you give it away.  Be transformed by accepting your magnificence and greatness.

WHEN:      Monday, February 15, 2010 &
                  Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TIME:         6:30-8:30pm

WHERE:   All That Matters Yoga and Holistic Center
                    Wakefield, RI

PRICE:      $35

REGISTER: 401-782-2126     



                         WOMEN'S MONTHLY
                   SPIRITUALITY-INTENTION GROUP     
PRICE:      $15 per session
WHEN:       7:00PM 3rd Monday and 2nd Friday of every  

WHERE:    Providence, RI  

CONTACT: Pat  @ 401-521-6783       
Dynamic and powerful group of women who meet monthly to share intentions and then pray for one another during the month. Making a commitment to pray for one another's intentions is a powerful
means to manifest your dreams.                         

Pat is available to speak as a keynote speaker, at conferences, retreats, corporations, holistic centers, chambers of commerce, business groups, women's groups, churches, hospitals, libraries, book clubs and more.
                              Please contact her at 401-521-6783

Please send Pat your inspirational stories for the newsletter by email or calling her.


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