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The board and staff and numerous AJF members have just returned from the SNAG conference in Seattle feeling pretty damn wonderful about the reception there for our Geography exhibit, the accompanying catalog, Damian Skinner's lecture, and the "Nothing if Not Critical" panel, as well as the studio and collection visits we made as part of the AJF trip. Thanks to everyone who worked on our activities at SNAG but especially Damian and Nancy, our totally amazing staff.    


Special thanks goes out to the members who contributed to the

Mike giving Geo Show walk through

Board Member Mike Holmes leading a  tour of the Geography Show

catalog: Susan Beech, Sara Jane DeHoff, Joan Dutton, Susan Kempin, Donna Schneier and an anonymous donor.  I'd also like to acknowledge board member Mike Holmes, and our designer Kent Tayenaka, who produced this fabulous catalog documenting the exhibition. If you want to order it go to:  www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2153003.


And if you missed Geography in Seattle, you'll have a second chance to see it at SOFA Chicago in November 2011.


Linda Peshkin, our membership chair, wanted to let you know that we have some VIP passes to offer you for the following fairs taking place this summer:

  • New York Antique Jewelry and Watch show, 22 - 25 July 2011.  Click here for passes for free admission. 
  • SOFA Santa Fe, 4 - 7 August 2011, and opening night, 3 August, which is by invitation only. Please watch for an invitation to sign up for this soon.
Geo Show Pieces

Installing the work

AJF members have been invited by ASJRA to attend a gallery tour of the exhibition Jewelers of the Hudson Valley at The Forbes Galleries, 62 Fifth Ave. (at 12th St.), New York City, which will take place on 18 June 2011 at 2 p.m. The exhibition runs until 25 June. Please let Elyse Karlin (ekarlin@usa.net) know if you would like to sign up for the June tour. There is no cost and you may bring a guest, but you must make a reservation. To read more about the exhibition and check on their hours go to: www.forbesgalleries.com. If anyone would like to join fellow ASJRA members for coffee and dessert after the tour (Dutch treat) on 18 June, please email Elyse as well.


AJF Collection Visit

AJF members on tour

We have been adding to the number of AJF members pretty steadily this year and we now have a total of 285. If you have received a reminder to renew, please respond, as we need your help to keep supporting the field of contemporary art jewelry. We hate to have to chase you down with repeated requests. We are doing so much for all our members now that I just don't know how you can resist . . . so please rejoin!



All the best,


Susan Cummins

AJF Chair


by Susan Cummins
The grandly named Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects took place at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 6 - 9 May 2011. Collect is organized by the British Crafts Council, and this year it featured 37 galleries (half from Great Britain and the other half from the rest of Europe). Click to read more.
by Damian Skinner
The American Crafts Council has been holding a series of convenings around the United States, inviting people in the craft field to take part in discussions that attempt to identify possible futures for craft, as well as for the ACC itself. Click to read more.


The UK Art Fund purchased two pieces of jewelry from the recent Collect applied arts fair in London for two British museums. To read more about it, click here.  


MASSArts has opened a permanent store to sell student work. Click here.  


Atelier Ted Noten is running a summer school in July 2011. To learn more, click here.  


They may not be financially wise, but the Irish demonstrate they have a good eye for unconventional value with their decision to feature contemporary jewelry on stamps. Click here.  


The 7th Cheonju International Craft Competition is now taking entries for the exhibition, which opens in September 2011. For more information, and the online application form, click here.  


Arline Fisch's Creatures from the Deep installation has opened at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Click here for more information.


Christies is holding an auction of modernist jewelry in June, including works by Art Smith and Louise Nevelson, and you can find out more about it by clicking here.   


Not that we want to toot our own horn, but Geography, AJF's inaugural exhibition, gets a little bit of love from ReadyMade. To read the post, click here.