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December 2008


We send you all our best wishes for happy holidays and for the New Year to come!! Before we bid a final farewell to 2008, let us take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the Art Jewelry Forum during that time. We have all worked together to:

  • Increase our membership from 65 to 108 -- WOW!
  • Professionalize our jurying process for the AJF Emerging Artist Award with an online system called CAFÉ
  • Raise $5000 for the AJF 2008 Emerging Artist Award which this year went to Masumi Kataoka
  • Organize a wonderful trip to New York City
  • Contribute to the 92nd Street Y and the metalsmithing programs at Pratt Institute in New York
  • Grant $2000 to Rowan University for a catalog to document the exhibition "Decorative Resurgence," to be presented in conjunction with the 2009 SNAG conference
  • Email informative newsletters to keep you all up to date on the latest developments at AJF and the jewelry world at large
  • Feature lectures at SOFA NY by Kelly L'Ecuyer, Curator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and at SOFA Chicago by Ursula-Ilse Neuman, Curator at the Museum of Art and Design, New York.

The board of AJF is proud of the work we have done together during the past year. We are grateful for all of your assistance, support, and enthusiasm. We give thanks that we are part of an exciting and wonderful world created by those great professionals -- artists, curators and galleries -- in the field.

Please remember our member galleries, especially this year, when you are contemplating your holiday gifts. We have listed them here for your convenience.

Wishing you peace and happiness,
Susan, Susan, Sally and Pat

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  • Explore Gifts from Our Member Galleries
  • Save These Dates - We're Going to Philadelphia
  • Special Thank You Offers for AJF Members
  • The Miniature World of Bruce Metcalf
  • Miniature World Catalog Available

  • Save These Dates - We're Going to Philadelphia

    Art Jewelry Forum will organize their next trip in conjunction with the SNAG (the Society of North American Goldsmiths) conference, which will take place in Philadelphia, May 20 - 23 2009. Among the conference speakers, SNAG will feature Stanley Lechtzin, Paul Greenhalgh, Leo Caballero (of fame), Camille Paglia, Myra Mimlitsch-Gray, Albert Paley and Helen Drutt English. It is quite a line up. Philadelphia is a city promising wonderful opportunities to see private collections, artist's studios, and numerous other adventures. Mark your calendars! More information will be coming soon.

    Special Thank You Offers for AJF Members

    Object Fetish: In thanks for supporting the idea of jewelry as art, we are offering Art Jewelry Forum members 20% off all purchases over $1000. Please use discount code AJF2008 during checkout at

    Sienna Gallery: AJF members will receive 10% off pieces made in multiples (most which are under $400) November 28th - December 18th and free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. Great gifts!

    The Miniature World of Bruce Metcalf
    Bruce Metcalf

    By Jennifer Cross Gans
    At first sight, this new exhibition at the Palo Alto Art Center, CA, holds the delight of a child's playroom. There are oversize drawings on the walls, a large case with a train set in a rocky, wintry landscape, and some display cases with peepholes to entice the viewer. Children, and any adults raised on cartoons, instantly get the message.

    Signe Mayfield, the exhibition's curator, said that "the idea of the miniature world fascinated me" and quoted the artist in the exhibition catalogue:

    "The miniature can only be entered through an act of imaginative projection. Looking at small objects, viewers will get very close and the object will fill their field of vision. There's no scale in the imagination, and very small things can become psychologically large."

    But isn't this supposed to be a jewelry show? Well, yes and no.In a broader sense, the exhibition showcases Metcalf's versatility as an artist, cartoonist, model maker, jeweler and writer.

    Continue reading this article on the AJF website by clicking here...

    Miniature World Catalog Available
    Bruce Metcalf Catalog

    Admirers and collectors will relish the catalog which accompanies the Bruce Metcalf exhibition. Over 50 mostly full page photographs illustrate this artist's development from 1971 to the present. Additional black and white designs reproducing the artist's sketchbook pages on the endpapers inside the front and back covers highlight Metcalf's talent as a cartoonist.

    The photographs add a level of detail viewers might miss, particularly peering through the peepholes, while the frontispiece gives an idea both of the detail and the actual scale of the work.

    The exhibits have been borrowed from museums, galleries and private collectors, including Susan Beech and the Rotasa Trust, and the artist himself. There is an introduction by Linda Craighead, Director of the Palo Alto Art Center, followed by essays by Signe Mayfield, curator of the exhibition, and the artist himself, which are of more interest than that by Dr. Vicky Clark, who attempts to put Metcalf's work in the pop/underground/art context of the late 20th century. The well-designed catalog, product of the local firm Shore Design, Brisbane, CA., comes in both hardback ($32) or paperback ($25), plus postage. Copies can be obtained from

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