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October 2008


Art Jewelry Forum would like to welcome two new curator members who joined in the past month: Jeannine Falino and Rosanne Raab. We are glad you joined us. Welcome as well to Roman Francis Quiles, Sienna Patti's darling new addition (see photo right).

SOFA CHICAGO 2008 returns to Navy Pier November 7 - 9. The Opening Night Preview takes place Thursday, November 6 from 5 - 9 p.m. For up-to-date VIP events,click here.

Go online for SOFA VIP Passes. In past years the passes were sent in the mail, but this year the fair is requesting that you go online to get them. In order to enjoy this wonderful membership perk, please register in advance by clicking here or call the SOFA VIP Desk at 800.563.7632 (remember to indicate you are an AJF member!) to register by October 17 to receive your personalized VIP card in the mail before the fair. If you are unable to register in advance, you may pick up a VIP pass onsite at the SOFA CHICAGO VIP Desk.

We have just returned from our fabulous New York City trip and want to share a few highlights and photos with you. Of course the trip was centered on the opening of the new building for the Museum of Arts and Design, which was great to see. It has been many years coming but the results will be felt for a long time. I think we all agreed that the jewelry section of the building was by far the best part. We also were privileged to meet some of the movers and shakers who have put Art Jewelry on the map during the past few decades -- Jane Adlin, Susan Grant Lewin, Ursula Neuman, Paul Smith, Donna Schneier and Toni Greenbaum. It was fantastic to hear them speak about the kind of work we are passionate about. We also heard from several artists thanks to Charon Kransen, Loupe Gallery, and the David Collection as well as the 92nd Street Y and Pratt. I think we can safely say that we pulled off another super AJF trip. Thanks to everyone who helped to organize it and in particular to Susan Kempin and Sally von Bargen.

Susan Cummins

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  • Our Favorites & More!
  • Snapshots from the NYC Trip
  • Jurors' Perspective: 2008 Emerging Artist Program
  • 2007 Emerging Artist Andrea Janosik on the Award
  • An Interview with 2008 EAA Winner Masumi Kataoka
  • Praise for the AJF Grant

  • Snapshots from the NYC Trip
    NY Trip Collage

    Jurors' Perspective: 2008 Emerging Artist Program
    masumi gutball

    The three jurors for the Emerging Artist Award -- Cindi Strauss, curator of Modern and Contemporary Decorative Arts and Design at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Ron Porter, long-standing member of AJF and a collector of art jewelry; and Andrea Janosik, jewelry artist and recipient of the AJF's 2007 Award, reflect on the process of choosing this year's award recipient. Continued on our website...

    2007 Emerging Artist Andrea Janosik on the Award

    Being honored as the AJF Emerging Artist helped me tremendously last year. Previously I made jewelry collections that I sold at craft shows only - they were mostly smaller pieces, focusing on easy wearability and a lower price point. When I put together the group of work with which I applied for the EAA, I compromised less, wanting the jewelry to be wearable, but 'art pieces' first. I wanted to make something I felt strongly about, disregarding whether it could be sold or not. This was a very fulfilling process, although I was taking bigger risks with no feedback. To get recognition from the AJF was gratifying on so many levels: It was a treat for hard work; it reassured me that I had done 'something right' and should further venture into the same direction; and it gave me confidence that my work was strong enough to approach galleries with. Being part of SOFA Chicago for the first time was an extremely motivating experience.

    What I find is great about the EAA application is the amount of images that are requested. It isn't just one or two pieces being judged, but a large group that involves a lot more time, as well as addressing consistency, variation and the whole creative thought process. Not having a previous solo show is also a good criteria - it makes sure that the award is a real pat on the back. I would like to thank AJF again for the encouragement.

    An Interview with 2008 EAA Winner Masumi Kataoka

    AJF: Congratulations Masumi on being named the Art Jewelry Forum Emerging Artist for 2008. There was a high level of competency exhibited by the entrants this year, but the jurors felt that your work distinguished itself. We are interested in your thoughts about your work.

    MK: I am interested in emphasizing the intimate nature of jewelry as an object. In my previous work, I used human hair as a medium because I was interested in how the works blended into the body. These days I am using rawhide as my main material. In conjunction, I am researching word idioms that relate to the body, mostly in Japanese (my native language). The Gut Ball piece was the first one of the series and probably the most direct. Now, I am working more loosely and trusting my intuition more during the process. There are a lot of idioms in the Japanese language that relate to the gut and heart, since ancient Japanese people believed that feelings and emotions resided in those areas. Through my current body of work I am trying to visualize emotions into forms and thereby bring the inside outward, similar to how idioms function. However, my emotions are normally more complex and not as straight forward as such phrases. Also, lately I have been interested in visual symbolism, too.

    AJF: Who or what have been influences in art that inform your work?

    MK: Victorian Jewelry has been an influence when I started working with hair, and still is. I frequently look up word idioms and browse anatomy books as well as some fiction and everyday articles. I especially like Haruki Murakami's books. Sometimes, I find myself just reading his stories to see how he describes situations. Lately, our dog, Yuki has taught me how to work on rawhides. Also, there is a short essay that I re-read from time to time, by Mishima Yukio, called Beauty of Non-existence (Apollo no Sakazuki, Shincho pub. 1982). In it, he describes how language functions, specifically how it resides in its own unique space apart from the speaker and a described object. I often think how that may apply to my practice. continued...

    Praise for the AJF Grant

    "The Women of Metal exhibition and events in Whitewater were amazing. I hadn't realized the scope or importance of the project until I was there. The exhibition and catalog are beautiful. Sue Messer and Teresa Faris deserve thanks and admiration for conceiving this project and bringing it to fruition. The panel, moderated by Melanie Herzog, was the perfect prelude to the exhibition. Lisa Gralnick was her usual brilliant self and I enjoyed Teresa Faris's and Yegeniya Kaganovitz's input as well. Thank you for the support of the Art Jewelry Forum for this important venue." Eleanor Moty, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Our Favorites & More!

    Baby Roman
    Congratulations Sienna.

    A New Jewelry Book
    Inspired Jewelry
    by Ursula Ilse-Neuman.

    Paper Jewelry
    designed by Kiff Slemmons
    and made in Oaxaca at the
    paper mill Arte Papel to help
    support their artists programs.
    Click to see more.

    A Trip to the Jewelry Centers of Southern Germany
    From April 22 to May 2, 2009, join Jonathan Wahl, the director of the Jewelry Center at the 92nd St Y in New York, for a jewelry tour of Southern Germany. View cutting-edge contemporary jewelry and old-school masterpieces in Munich. Visit the Schatzkammer, home of the Bavarian crown jewels, and the Neue Sammlung, home of the Danner Stiftung contemporary jewelry collection. You will journey by train to Pforzheim, which is home to one of the broadest and finest collections of jewelry in Europe, the fantastic jewelry school Fachhochschuler für Gestaltung, and several jewelry refineries and factories.
    You can book the tour without a hotel and make your own arrangements if you wish. The Y has pre-booked single rooms for twelve participants at the Hotel Advokat Munich and one night in the Park Hotel in Pforzheim. The participation fee with hotels included is $3,992. However, if you'd prefer to make your own hotel arrangements, it is possible to register with a "Tour only" fee of $1,992, which covers train transportation, museum entry, tours and leader fees.
    For further information contact the Art Center office at 212.415.5562 or visit the 92nd St. Y website.


  • NYC Trip: (top l to r) Jonathan Wall and Susan Beech at the 92nd St. Y, Charon Kranson, Kiwon Wang, Sergey Jivetin. (bottom l to r) Barbara Tober, Barbara Waldman, Elise Winters
  • Masumi Kataoka, Gutball Necklace, sterling silver, rawhide
  • Andrea Janosik, Bloom, neckpiece,leather.
  • Masumi Kataoka, 2008 Emerging Artist Award Winner
  • Sienna Patti and children
  • Cover, Inspired Jewely by by Ursula Ilse-Neuman
  • Kiff Slemmons and young admirer
  • Kiff Slemmons, Paper Jewelry
  • Karl Fritsch, ring, gold and gemstones
  • Antique Bavarian Crown
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