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No. 13 December 2007

Let's try to relieve some stress this holiday season. Here are seven easy ways to do just that.

1. Give yourself the gift of time with people you love. Invite friends and family individually to dinner instead of buying each a gift. Give the children in your life "coupons" they can redeem for time you spend together. You can go to the movies, an art museum, or the library; you can cook together; you can create artwork; you can play board games or complete puzzles.

2. Learn how to use your digital camera. Or, buy yourself one and learn how to use it. Capture images you'll want to see again and again. Haven't you noticed how all those old photos of you that you once hated are starting to look pretty good?

3. Prepare (or buy at a gourmet food store) comfort food. Stock up with chicken soup or chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, and meat loaf. Everyone appreciates those wonderful meals of our youth, and you'll give yourself more time to enjoy friends and family because you won't need to cook dinner each night.

4. Do at least one generous, giving act. Ideally, do something that benefits someone less fortunate. Even small donations count, and time spent selecting a gift for a child in need may give you the gift of one of your favorite holiday memories.

5. Shop online. Why fight traffic and weather and crowds when you can take care of it all from where you're sitting right now? You don't even have to get out of your p.j.'s! Buy gift cards instead of gifts. Shop at museum shops.

6. Visit AJF member galleries in person and on line. Everyone has something special going on that you'll enjoy seeing. Use the link on the right or go to our website where you'll find a link to every AJF member's website, too. For future reference, when you're on the AJF website home page, look at the banner on the top, and you'll see the Resources heading. Click there for links to all AJF member gallery sites.

7. Remember the wonderful AJF events in 2007. Members of your AJF Board (Susan Cummins, Susan Kempin, Pat Rodimer, Jane Shannon, and Sally von Bargen) are busy planning equally wonderful times for 2008. Happy New Year!

Correction: In the last issue of AJFconnection, Lisa and Scott Cylinder's last name was incorrectly reported as Carpenter. My apologies!

Jane Shannon,
Editor, AJFconnection

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IMAGE: Felieke van der Leist, Brooch, textile, plastic animal, silver.

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