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No. 8 June 2007

Boston: A Look Back
Boston Collage

Boston in Review
Ruudt Peters 2

An enthusiastic group of twenty three AJF members gathered in Boston in June to enjoy three days of non- stop art jewelry activities. Like all AJF tours, the days were filled with gallery events, artist presentations, studio visits, stimulating lectures and museum openings. And, as has become the custom, busy days ended with convivial and delicious meals.

We started on the first day with a private showing of Jaime Bennett's work hosted by Sienna Gallery. Sienna Patti, the gallery's founder, invited Bennett to discuss his work and asked decorative arts curator Jeannine Falino, who is authoring the book that will accompany an upcoming retrospective of Bennett's work, to comment on the significant role Jaime's work plays in the history of American jewelry.

We combined lunch with a tour of the innovative new Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA) museum on the Boston waterfront and an exhibition of work by Louise Bourgeois, one of our most influential living artists.

It seemed we went from one high point to the next, with a rich and varied afternoon as guests of Massachusetts College of Art. With Metals professor Heather White as our host we toured the metals studio, visited with students and viewed a display of student work. Then we were treated to a lively and provocative lecture by the renowned Dutch master artist Ruudt Peters, which was followed by a gallery reception and exhibition of his latest "Sefiroth" series and work by MassArt faculty and alumni.

It just kept getting better
Jennifer Trask

Early the next day we were off to Dan Jocz's studio: everyone enjoyed seeing Dan's workspace and his engaging description of his creative and technical explorations. His demonstration of how he electromagnetically applies the fiber flocking to his bracelets was fascinating and fun to watch. Dan joined us as we traveled to Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge where owners Libby and JoAnne Cooper had invited many artists to join us at the gallery for a casual lunch. We took in the featured exhibitions by Jennifer Trask and Joyce Scott. Jennifer discussed her inspiration and motivation for her provocative new body of work. Joe Wood, artist and MassArt professor, discussed faculty work and the university metals program. And, befitting our passion we spent a good amount of time eagerly exploring the gallery cases and drawers.

Back to Boston, where at the Museum of Fine Art we were greeted by Kelly L'Ecuyer. Kelly is the curator who worked closely with Daphne Farago to transfer her extensive collection to the museum. As she conducted our private tour of the first exhibition entitled "Jewelry By Artists, The Daphne Farago Collection," she explained the wide-ranging plans the museum has for the collection. She also described how Farago was convinced of the artistic importance of the work and felt from the beginning that the collection should be housed in a fine arts museum which placed the jewelry in a large cultural context. Later that evening our group returned to the museum for the official opening reception to celebrate with the many artists, collectors and educators. As our trip came to a close we celebrated by sharing a wonderful meal together and gave a thankful toast to Pat and Susan for organizing such a terrific trip. As Orson Welles once said, "If you want a happy ending, that depends, on where you stop the story." So, on a happy note we ended our trip to Boston. Next: Houston!

Jewelry that makes you think
Joyce Scott 1

In the catalog that accompanied the Daphne Farago Collection exhibition we found this quote. It is too good not to be shared. Art historian Blanche R. Brown recalled her attraction and purchase of a brooch in 1947.

"... it looked great, I could afford it, and it identified me with the group of my choice -- esthetically aware, intellectually inclined, and politically progressive. That pin (or one of a few others like it) was our badge, and we wore it proudly. It celebrated the hand of the artist rather than the market value of the material. Diamonds were the badge of the philistine."

In the Forum

Kudos to Pat, Susan and Sharon. Among the many benefits of being a member of AJF, the collector trips are the most extraordinary and Boston proved the point. This wonderful trip was flawlessly organized by Pat Rodimer, Susan Cummins and Sharon Campbell. Thank you for making the trip so wonderful.

Put Houston on your calendar and watch the mail for reservation information. In September we will travel to Houston for the grand opening of the Helen Williams Drutt Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts. Approximately 300 pieces of jewelry, plus drawings, watercolors, constructions and sculptures are included in the exhibition. The trip is scheduled from the 26th to the 30th. Susan Cummins, Sally von Bargen and Sharon Campbell are working now to take maximum advantage of other activities being planned in conjunction with the opening and planning visits to other Houston venues, including the Menil collection. Trip details and reservation forms will be sent very soon.

"Golden Clogs, Dutch Mountains" on AJF website. Andrea Wagner, a jewelry artist who lives in Amsterdam curated an exhibition featuring cutting edge work by 11 Dutch jewelry artists. The AJF homepage is currently featuring Andrea's lecture and images of work by Iris Eichenberg, Jantje Fleischhut, Gesine Hackenberg, Ineke Heerkens, Stephanie Jendis, Manon van Kouswijk, Iris Nieuwenburg, Katja Prins, Constanze Schreiber, Francis Willemstijn and Andrea Wagner. Use the "Quick Link" below to explore this online presentation.

Next Month in AJF Connection.

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  • And so much more


  • Jaime Bennett, Brooch, 2007, 18k gold, enamel. Photo courtesy of Sienna Gallery.
  • Dan Jocz, Bracelet, 2003, aluminum, Rayon flock,. Photo courtesy Mobilia Gallery.
  • Boston Trip Collage, (from R to L) Dan Jocz, Patti Bleicher, Sienna Patti, Jaime Bennett, Jeannine Falino, Susan Cummins, Ellen Ansel, Marion Fulk, Ruudt Peters, Joan Dutton, Jennifer Trask, Rita Newman, Joe Wood, Heather White, Sharon Campbell, Sally von Bargen, JoAnne Cooper. Images courtesy of Nancy Worden, Patricia Faber & Sally von Bargen.
  • Ruudt Peters, Sefiroth Series "Nezach" brooch, 2006, silver, mineral. Photo courtesy Ornamentum. Gallery.
  • Jennifer Trask, "Radiolaria" brooch, 2007, steel, silver, shakudo, gold, spessartite, pyrope garnet, fire opal, glass eyes. Photo courtesy Mobilia Gallery.
  • Joyce Scott, "Lazy Girl" neckpiece, 2007, hand stitched, glass and flameworked beads. Photo courtesy Mobilia Gallery.

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