Announcement to the Conservatory Community on the Presidential Search Committee
I am pleased to announce that the following have graciously accepted the invitation to serve on the Presidential Search Committee. They are: Didi Boring, Bill Bowes, Melissa Cocco-Mitten, Cathy Cook, Jodi Levitz, Mack McCray, Deepa Pakianathan, Gary Rust, Barbara Walkowski, Michael Whitman and Kathryn Wittenmeyer. I am particularly grateful to Barbara Walkowski for agreeing to serve as the chair of the committee.
The members of the committee bring with them a diverse and extensive set of skills, acumen, and experience in a search of this kind. I have the utmost confidence in their dedication to the task and in their ability to advise the board. We all look forward to a successful conclusion to their work in due course.
The committee will meet this week to organize and to chart the process. You will be informed from time to time of the committee's progress, and I am sure your input will be welcomed by the committee at any time during the search.
Timothy W. Foo
Board of Trustees