"We're opening a home for ill and malnourished children and...their moms."

 -the vision

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Still Rolling


In the last newsletter we introduced the bracelets we are making in Haiti. 


Who knew that making jewelry would be such a faith-building experience? But it has truly been just that. We've watched God provide as day after day colorful cardboard makes its way from the streets of Haiti to our front porch. Daily we witness God working in the lives of the women as they roll. 


Sometimes we're out there while they roll, contributing our '2-cents' and giving God praise for things like health and community and sometimes we're inside eavesdropping, bursting with thankfulness because as they talk we can tell He's doing something cool in their lives and we always knew He would.

Meet Louisemen, a beautiful mother of two and the newest member of the team! 

Again, thank you to all the bracelet buyers and sellers. We are so encouraged to see how you've taken this small thing and used it to bring awareness to our cause. 


Some of you have inquired about saving boxes and sending them to Haiti. Thankfully, that's not necessary! 


Acquiring cardboard from Haitian business owners has been a phenomenal relationship building activity. It gets us to step beyond our everyday circles and make new friends. My reserved self becomes suddenly more assertive in a trash=money kind of way. Sometimes we're blessed with an onslaught of cartons and boxes from a local place. Other times it feels like we're cleaning up Haiti, one toothpaste carton at a time. 


To request bracelets contact 



why we need you


If you visit our website you'll see a Kreyol phrase next to our logo. Annou Mache Ansamn means "Let's Walk Together." 


It's the kind of thing we'd all hear the Holy Spirit whispering if we only took the time to listen. But more simply, it's just what we're about. We don't want families with sick kids to have to walk through the hard times alone. 


In the same way our hope through this journey is that we will see hundreds, dare we say thousands, of people band together to fulfill Christ's mission of love. 


So let's do it. Let's walk together to change the story for a few families in Haiti. One way you can walk with us, week by week and month by month is through financial support. 


Here's the nitty gritty: Outside of project costs, we currently have a monthly budget of $2,000. This includes the salaries of all current employees, housing, gas/diesel, truck maintenance, food and supplies. 


Truth is, we need more monthly donors. Increasing the number of supporters who contribute to SMH each month will help to cover these general costs and allow additional gifts to be funneled towards completion of the Second Mile compound.


We see how God blesses and seems to multiply the impact of each and every gift. All donations serve a purpose no matter the increment. 


It's easy to set up a recurring gift by credit card or ACH withdrawal by clicking the Donate button below. Please contact us if you have any questions! connect@secondmilehaiti.com


Your donations bless us. They allow us to continue working towards the goal of keeping families together.


Online, click below.

Checks can be sent to:
Second Mile Ministries
5251 W. Desert Falcon Ln
Tucson, AZ 85742

Please join us in praying for health and strength for Milonia
18 y/o, Type 1 Diabetes
Pray continuously 

We can't deny the effects of committed prayer support. 

Here are ways you can pray for Second Mile Ministries this month.

*Strong relationships between Second Mile staff, international and national.   

*Positive interactions between SMM and members of the community

*Health for Haitian friends and employees, especially Milonia and Kelinise.

*Safety for workers as the building progresses and successful planting and harvest.

*Future partnerships with local institutions and meaningful interactions pointing people to true Hope. 

*That Christ's name be glorified every moment, every day. 
The September Update - Sept. 6, 2012
{ Project Progress } 
You may have noticed that this is the September newsletter and that you didn't hear from us in July or August.  That means the building updates we have to share with you are almost too many to name.
I suppose that's not a bad thing. 

God is so good and with the donations that have come in over the past several weeks much progress has been realized. 

The clinic structure is finished.
Inside you will find two consultation rooms,
a supply room, a bathroom, and a gallery area for general use.

A fence was constructed to secure the back property for planting. We have an opportunity to use this land to it's fullest not only provide food for malnourished children and their mothers but to teach families how to grow nutrient rich foods in a small space.  A portion of this space has been dedicated as a training ground for agriculture and husbandry techniques, allowing Second Mile Haiti to extend the reach of our ministry to other mothers, fathers, grandparents, and communities.

In addition to the clinic and the back property, construction of the mother-baby homes is officially in full swing! 

Last week men and women from the village prepared the land by digging trenches and marking the perimeter. Although we were expecting Tropical Storm Isaac to bring rain both Friday and Saturday, the skies were clear on Saturday and the cement base was completed! 

3,000 blocks, to be used for the perimeter wall, were then made by hand. 

It's amazing how quickly we see progress. We thank God daily for such an amazing crew of workers and a smart and efficient national director. 

It's amazing to watch the way he takes pride in stretching each and every dollar that God provides to create a space that will help others. 

  Yves St. Jean "Dadou" is Second Mile Haiti's National Director
Here he stands with Errod, his right hand man (left) and Phanuel (right), the lead contractor. Three talented gentlemen!
We've had many great visitors and volunteers this year. We could devote a whole newsletter to the different ways each person has made an impact for Second Mile Haiti before, during, and after their trip. Here is just one of those stories. 

By Matt McCarty, a SMM volunteer.  

I poop in clean water.


If you're reading this, odds are you do too. Outwardly trivial facts like this one have recently been grabbing my attention. When billions of people around the world live on less than two dollars a day, struggling to get basic care or drink clean water on a daily basis, it's weird to think just how good I have it here in America. God is constantly reminding me of this, and I can't seem to get it out of my head. 


This summer I had the privilege to visit Second Mile Haiti in the northern city of Cap Haitien, Haiti. It was so refreshing to see this organization, started by two young women from the States, serving the people of Haiti and giving glory to God. I've witnessed the great things going on there firsthand. Visiting them really put things into perspective. They run a medical clinic to provide aid to the local families. In a poor country where families are being torn apart every day, Second Mile is fighting to keep families together! They are building "mom and baby homes", where moms with sick children can come stay and learn how to properly take care of their kids. While staying at Second Mile, mothers will go through a small business and life skills course, where they will learn micro-business skills and receive Biblical edification. Second Mile has drilled a community water well and has plans to install a system that will provide purified drinking water to the entire surrounding village. They also have plans to build a community center close to the health and education facility.



There are a lot of amazing things going on at Second Mile. But, they're a small organization that's less than a year old. The good news is we serve a big God. A God who is sovereign over all. Second Mile Haiti is grounded in this truth, and I think we should help them out. As I write and as you read this, Second Mile is in the process of building the "mom and baby homes." They employ local contractors and workers from the community through these projects as well. Second Mile's biggest need, however, is the funds to be able to continue building.


The great reality is, these buildings being constructed is not the only reason to get excited. What's exciting is the amazing, life-changing, gospel-centered care that will be provided in these buildings once they are completed. Now that gets me excited! 


Knowing about Dribble the World through my good friend Dan Occhiogrosso, I've decided to partner with them to raise money for Second Mile Haiti. On October 21st, I will dribble the Empire State Marathon in Syracuse, NY to raise support and awareness for Second Mile. 


I'm not much of a runner. I'm not much of a dribbler. But if we can raise money together to help a great organization empower the people of Haiti and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to those that need it, well, sign me up.


Matt McCartney lives in Syracuse, NY.  He will be running 26.2 miles while dribbling a basketball all for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for Second Mile. He hopes to raise $5,000. To learn more about Dribble the World and Matt's endeavor contact him at matthew.mccarty@my.bbc.edu


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"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired...He gives strength to the weary. And to him who lacks might he increases power. 
Isaiah 40: 28-29

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