"We're opening a home for ill and malnourished children and...their moms."

 -the vision

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Can you believe these gorgeous beads are made from recylced card board?


 Hospitals and businesses here in Haiti have shown that they believe in our vision by donating their once-used cartons, medication packaging, and glove and cereal boxes for the purpose of making these beads.

Currently, bracelet proceeds are benefiting Second Mile Ministries as a whole. The sales are a tremendous help when put towards employee salaries and building projects. In the future we hope to involve our mothers in this project.

If you would like to purchase or sell these bracelets please contact karen.gigure@yahoo.com


As you can imagine, our computer is our lifeline in many ways.  We use it to send emails, update our blog, and it contains thousands of pictures we've taken while in Haiti. 


Just this past week, our only laptop died.  We had hoped there was a quick fix or patch that would keep it running, as we hadn't planned or budgeted for a new computer any time in the near future.  We are asking for donations for a new Macbook. In Haiti, Apple computers are able to withstand the harsh climate better than a PC. The cost for a new Macbook is estimated around $1200.  

Next month our clinic will be finished. We also envision using an iPad to chart our patients that come in from the community as well as keep inventory of all medical supplies. If you have an older iPad 2 that you are no longer using please consider donating to Second Mile Haiti.  


If you are interested or have any questions contact Jenn Schenk. jenn@secondmilehait.com 




Your donations bless us. They allow us to continue working towards the goal of keeping families together.


Online, click below.

Checks can be sent to:
Second Mile Ministries
5251 W. Desert Falcon Ln
Tucson, AZ 85742

 Papa Mackenson can't wait to start tending to our goats and gardens.

More news on the agriculture project coming soon!!
Pray continuously 
Will you join us in 30 days of prayer?

As Jenn travels she will need prayer for stamina, God-ordained connections, encouragement, wisdom and sensitivity to the Spirit's leading.

Amy will need prayer for strength and encouragment, for protection and wisdom in making daily decisions in Haiti.

We ask for prayer for future direction of our project and connections here in Haiti.

Please also remember the Haitian families that are experiencing illness and unemployment 

Thanks for remembering Second Mile Ministries.
The June Update          June 25, 2012
Where in the World is Jenn? 
A week ago I felt really called to head back to the States to fundraise. I was reluctant because I had just returned from a trip to visit family and friends. But who can turn down a big nudge from God? So here I am in Wisconsin. I arrived last Wednesday. Today I was given the opportunity to speak at Mt Zion Lutheran Chuch. I'm excited about the new relationships that were formed today. My next destination is Seattle, Washington!
The fundraising goal has been set high and I don't plan to return to Haiti until most of the $30,000 has been raised. But, I'm pleased to announce that in one week you've given close to $14,500. Praise God! Contact me if you're interested in letting me visit your home city and would like to host an event. 
Jenn Schenk

Dorothy is someone we knew before the days of Second Mile Haiti. She is a mom herself who at one time found herself in a situation similar to that of the women we seek to serve. Her daughters were malnourished and close to death when we met her. God sustained one and called the other home. She now has four children ages 11, 7, 5, and 2. Dorothy's salary allows her to pay rent, prepare food for herself and her children, and pay their school fees. What we appreciate most about Dorothy is her creativity. There's no obstacle to big for Dorothy and no problem she can't solve. She sees every seed, rock, and bead for its potential to become something beautiful. We asked Dorothy to help us with our pilot bead-making project and she couldn't have been more enthusiastic. We hope that she will be able to take what she is discovering about jewelry-making and pass on her knowledge to the women that come through our programs.




Dadou is a husband and a dad. He might love his 4 year old daughter more than life itself. His main goal is to use his salary to pay for her schooling. He also helps his many family members when they are in need and is working to build his family a concrete home. Dadou and Jenn make up a Project Manager dream-team. It is because of their close partnership and careful use of funds that in just two months the SMH property went from a field covered in shrubs to a beautiful piece of land; secured, gated, and ready for more construction. Dadou takes pride in his work. Spend two minutes with the guy and you will quickly see how genuinely he desires to serve God and help others.




Errod is an up-and-coming member of the team. He lives in the village and seems to be loved and respected by all generations. We are currently investing in Errod by sending him through Driver's Training courses.

Little Miracles by: Amy Syres
Little miracles, we've all had em. Your mom calls and you mention
 you're a bit under the weather. Unbeknowst to you she calls up her prayer group and you don't know how you've done it feeling so sick and everything but by twelve o'clock you've done five loads of laundry and cleaned an entire house.. Healed. You give God a little shout out for back up before going into a meeting with some super snarky and unflexible people and you come out of the meeting thinking, wow, that went rather smoothly.. Helped. Just when you think you'll have to resort to donating platelets, again, you find $20 where you'd least expect it... nah just lucky. 
But seriously.
When you think about how the Creator of the Universe steps into your life to intervene and engage then those little miracles we experience when we pray are really not so little at all, they are actually great spectacular things that should be given lots of publicity.... Read more.
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"And you can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus."
Philippians 4:19 (The Message)

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