"We're opening a home for ill and malnourished children and...their moms."

 -the vision

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1 down, 5 to go.
By building 6 small Haitian style homes we will be able to offer 12 children and their mothers a temporary place to recover from malnutrition and other conditions that also require some extra attention. 
Poverty and disease threaten to tear families apart. We are offering them a chance to stick together, to beat the odds. Much learning and healing will take place inside the recovery homes. Then as each of these first 12 children gain strength they will return to their communities, their mothers will leave with a renewed sense of hope, and space will be open for the next ONE. 
It's about 1 really. Each child has a need, each mother has a story. Each family has a dream. 
Each house has a purpose. 
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Second Mile Ministries Goals for May
You can help!
-Finish the Clinic
-Raise $500 for medications, creams, and other medical supplies.
-Finish the perimeter wall around the land.
-Funding for 3 more recovery homes. 
- 500 people to LIKE the Second Mile Ministries Facebook page.
Why 500? We're absolutely certain God is going to transform lives through SMM. We want to give everyone a chance to snag a front row seat to watch and to be a part of how this story unfolds.
Newsletter                            MAY 2012
For the past week I have had one thing on my mind that I just can not seem to shake. I can't stop thinking about the people that support this ministry. 

The other day I was on Facebook, chatting with a friend about Second Mile Haiti. I had typed up my next message which was something about how I was bummed since we had to put things on hold for a week due to lack of funds. But before I sent the message I noticed the next thing she had written to me. It said, "I can not believe you guys have come so far in the last couple months." I checked myself real quick.

Why focus on the one week we might not have had "enough" money when it's really about the bigger picture. Thinking about the bigger picture, the way God has provided through your donations, never fails to fill me with an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. I sincerely want to thank everyone for making this progress possible. It has been an amazing 4 months. Seeing so many people step out in faith to keep this project going has touched me. Between the unexpected donations, the generosity of our own generation, and people rallying around our vision and spreading the word on Facebook... we are in awe. You've encouraged us and given us hope. 

                                                    -Jenn Schenk,
Co-Founder SMM
His Grace is Sufficient
Life can get hectic. It can take you by storm. It happens in Haiti just as surely as it happens everywhere else. Sarah Young writes a daily devotional book meant to bring Peace to your chaos. Today's words ring true whether you live in Haiti, the United States, Canada, or elsewhere. Insufficiency is a blessing in disguise. 

"When some basic need is lacking- time, energy, money consider yourself blessed. Your very lack is an opportunity to latch onto Me in unashamed dependence. When you begin a day with inadequate resources, you must concentrate your efforts on the present moment. This is where you are meant to live -- in the present moment; it is the place where I always await you.  
Health and wealth can disappear instantly, as can life itself. Rejoice in your insufficiency, knowing that My power is made perfect in weakness." Jesus Calling, p. 125
What Happens in Haiti... 
Last weekend I headed to Port au Prince so that Tania could have one last surgery. LEAP was closing up her palette. This was the third time I have traveled to Port au Prince by truck in the last three months. The distance between Port au Prince and Cap Haitien is only 80 miles, but it takes a good 5 hours to get there. Port au Prince is difficult to city to navigate because of all the "blokus." "Blokus" means traffic jam. I find this appropriate. I was beyond frustrated... Read More
Building the clinic has been the main focus of the past two weeks. The clinic will benefit the community tremendously. Community members will have an opportunity to come for health education seminars and consultations once a week. We called an "under the tree" meeting to rally support. What a success! Members of the community have volunteered their time to help with the clinic's construction. Neighbors are working side by side to build a space they will share. Please pray for the future of this space. 
email: connect@secondmilehaiti.com
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 Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples. Sing to Him. Sing Praises to Him; Speak of all his wonders.
1 Chronicles 16:8-10

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