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Why Haiti? 
God knew about this Haiti-thing long before we were ever created. It was basically stitched into our DNA. He wasn't surprised by the way we ran toward opportunities to serve and didn't stop until we felt like we were right where He wanted us. He knit that desire in us. God led us to Haiti. He taught us about life there. He introduced us to His precious sons and daughters there; school children going hungry in their classrooms, fathers desperate for a way to make ends meet, young people with few real opportunities, and malnourished mothers toting malnourished infants wondering how its possible to feed a baby when you can't feed yourself.
He entrusted us with some serious inside information; His heart for the hurting. He gave us a vision for the people of Haiti and filled us with Hope for how lives could be changed. Then He infused us with enough passion and courage to do something about it. For the past three months we've been on a turbo-charged, Holy Spirit launched mission to make this happen. And by His power and design it is happening!

Jenn Schenk and Amy Syres

 Wear it! 

One doesn't start a $100,000 project without tossing around a few fundraising ideas. And this T-shirt was one of them. We wanted a universal message; something simple to which many people can relate. Nothing's more universal than a mother's love for her child, and vice versa. Our mission is to give Haitian mothers a chance to grow and develop that love despite living in a country in crisis. We invite you to WEAR IT, to make a statement. Tell the world that you love your mom and then tell them about SMM and how you're helping to exchange poverty and illness for hope, healing, and new opportunities. 

The T-shirts will soon be available for purchase in both youth and adult sizes. It's up to you if you want to sport this shirt in Teal or Magenta. 

The shirt feels and looks amazing. The adult shirt is an Anvil Fashion V-Neck. Youth shirts are made from 100% Organic cotton and printed with Phthalate-free inks. These shirts are super soft and completely safe for your child. 

Adult sizes available in S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Youth sizes available in S, M, and L. 

To pre-order by email send your shipping address and order details to
To pay for your shirt just donate online or send a check to our Arizona address. $20/shirt. 
Please consider making an additional $2-$5 donation to cover the cost of shipping. 
Newsletter                  January 2011
If you're reading this very first email, thank you. This means that you have been with us from the start. You've already invested in us and we appreciate you. 

We are beyond excited that God has chosen us for this adventure and we are stoked that you want in on the action!
THE GIST OF IT... What's next for Second Mile Ministries.
The country of Haiti is in a season of rebuilding. The earthquake of January 12, 2010 mobilized hundreds of relief groups to the frontlines. It brought in much needed support for established organizations focused on school sponsorship, orphan care, and medical assistance. And perhaps most profoundly, it spurred a handful of organizations to re-examine what it means to truly help Haitians by way of development. The country is ripe for change and everyone is hopeful. 
We want you to consider Second Mile Ministries as an organization that strives for lasting change in the lives of Haitians. Through partnerships with local churches, businesses, universities, and healthcare facilities we can create opportunities for both children and adults to rise above their circumstances. 
We won't assume that you've read every blog post and web entry since day one. So in short, we're an organization that is passionate about the potential in people. We see potential in every person to do big things for their families and the country of Haiti. And we're starting with moms. 
The House of Hope will be a place where poor mothers become empowered mothers, where women who have never received an education learn about health and business, and where sick children receive a second chance. 
After three months of preparation, many meetings with potential partners, and a whole lot of prayer we are ready for the next step. January 9th we will be arriving in Cap Haitien, Haiti. Over the next several weeks we will be busy finalizing our location and breaking ground. 
Give today: 
You may have read "the Vision" an article posted on our website and blog that outlines our first project, the "House of Hope." Beginning a $100,000 project may seem pretty pie in the sky. But don't worry we're not asking you to donate $100,000... unless you want to of course. This goal will be reached through a combination of sources. As an organization we will tap into a variety of avenues for funding including business donors, grants, and special fundraisers. 

So where do you come in? Great question! 

That's the fun part! In a sense you can decide where to direct your donation. Second Mile Ministries will operate on a monthly budget. That's what feeds us, keeps oxygen machines running throughout the night, and keeps gas in the tank for the those unexpected trips to the hospital. If this is your cup of tea than please consider becoming a monthly donor.  

But, if you're pretty excited about the House of Hope and you'd like to see the doors open ASAP then please consider making a one-time donation. Of course it doesn't just have to be a one time thing! Visit the website or use the link in this newsletter for subsequent donations.  
As you can see, it is going to take all of us helping in whatever way we can to further the work God is doing in Haiti. 
Join us! 

Two ways to Donate.  

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You can also send checks to Second Mile Ministries
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