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Dream Destinations Newsletter # 5
September 2012 
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Why You Should Take a European Cruise
A Welsh Wonder--Angela Gray's Cooking School
Feature Photo
Hank's Europe Geo Quiz # 2
Why Use Us?
Edinburgh, Scotland
Our Newly Designed Website Contest--4 lucky Winners
Answers to Geo Quiz # 2
Hank & Anne Cron Castle Ireland
Dear Travel Friends

We hope you like our new newsletter!  For 16 years Anne & I have been proud to help our friends visit the wonderful DREAM DESTINATIONS of this world.  As you know, we specialize in cruises and European travel. Your journey begins here! 
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Both Anne & Hank are  Western Europe Destinations Specialists conferred by The Travel Institute



Why You Should Take a European Cruise


Q. One of my friends asked me recently, "Why should I visit Europe on a cruise?"

A. Here are a few reasons you should take a European Cruise:

1. On a cruise, you'll save money & know most of your costs in advance--Europe can be an expensive place.

2. You will see more fabulous European destinations in less time as your floating hotel gets you there without any travel hassles or wasted time.

3. A land-based trip with multiple destinations requires a lot of planning and transportation arrangements. On a cruise you avoid these hassles and pack and unpack only once.

4. Travel challenges disappear on a cruise. Independent European travel requires many travel skills. Language problems, unfamiliar foods written in a language you may not understand, staying in a room without a bath room, possible currency exchange, visas--all are common European travel challenges.

5. You are not limited to Ocean Cruises-European River Cruises let you explore the core of Europe. The lifeblood of Europe is its rivers and European River cruising is a great way to see places you will never forget.

Sound good? Then book your European Cruise with us! Call Hank at 713-397-0188. Dream Destinations is eager to make your vacation dreams come true....Your journey begins here!

   We are European & Cruise travel experts--we can make your trip special--call on us to help you find your Dream Destinations!




A Welsh Wonder--Angela Gray's Cooking School 

Anne & Hank at Angela Grey's Cooking School

 Anne & Hank at Angela Gray's Cooking School, Llanerch Vineyards, Wales 2012



You have probably never heard of Celebrity Chef, Angela Gray. She is considered the top chef in Wales. She runs a Raymond Blanc-style cooking school (Raymond Blanc is probably the best chef in Great Britain and owns a restaurant that has earned two Michelin Stars).  Her objective is to attract foodies from across the world to Llanerch Vineyards in Wales.  Besides being a top chef, food writer, food consultant, and featured TV chef on Welsh TV; she also was
chef to the rich and famous, including Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. Angela Gray spent eight years globetrotting with her chef's kit back in the 80s but she has returned home to Wales and settled in Cardiff. In 2011, she opened her cooking school. Llanerch Vineyard's web page describes her school with these words--"Welcome to our very special cookery school, where we invite you to leave all your cares behind, and step into the world of food. Relax and unwind as you learn new skills, build your culinary confidence whilst having a lot of fun along the way." Believe me, they deliver just that--w
e had the honor of attending a session to celebrate Anne's 60th birthday. What an awesome experience! We learned to cook Coq au Vin Blanc (Chicken in White Wine Sauce), Bordelaise potatoes and crepes. Anne & I consider ourselves pretty good cooks (she has a degree in hotel & restaurant management & I once won the most creative award in a cooking contest) but we learned a lot of cool stuff and had fun doing it. Who knew you could learn how to slice an onion evenly without tears?

To see more pictures of our visit to Llanerch vineyards & Angela Gray's Cooking School, please click here 

You can't really know about these little gems unless someone who's been there shares the info--that 's how we add value to your trip! We can help you learn how to get a great experience like this on your European travels-We are your European Travel Experts! Give us a call, at 713-397-0188 (Hank) to help you start planning your Europe Vacation-Dream Destinations-your journey begins here!


 Call us now, so we can help you find the perfect Europe Trip for YOU! 

 Santorini Nefeles Cafe Bar 
  Feature Photo
View of our Cruise Ship, the Celebrity Equniox, from Nefeles Cafe Bar, Fira, Santorini, Greece
Photo Anne Schrader


Hank's Europe Geo Quiz #2

I am a former high school world geography and AP human geography teacher. Ok, class is in session--Good Luck!

1)      What US state is named after a Greek Island? (Hint-my classmate from WP is one of the 2 Senators)

2)      London and Paris are both located on rivers. Name the two rivers.

3)      There is one European country located on the Adriatic Sea that has only one island. Can you name it?

4)      Name one of the two cities in France that is known as "the Venice of the North" because of its canals.

5)      There are several tiny countries in Europe-I call them Little European Treasures. Name 2 of these countries or city-states that are land locked (no direct access to the sea)


Each question is worth 20 points. In question #2 each river you correctly name is worth 10 points. In question  #5 each country correctly named is worth 10 points.


90-100    You are a smart Europe Geo genius!

70-85      You know a lot!

60 or less  You spent too much time in the     Pub with Hank, but this quiz will boost your Geo IQ!


Answers are at the bottom of this newsletter!



Why Use Us?
Anne & Hank on the Celebrity Silhouette 2011
The value we add to our customers:
1. It costs you nothing for us to plan your travel.
2. We have 16 years experience--we help you get the best value for your dollar --saves you time & money!
3.  Book it yourself & you are on your own--we can help you avoid problems & help resolve disputes.
4.  We are small enough to give you personalized service, yet big & experienced enough to get you the right trip.
5.  We are honest, hard working with one goal--to serve you--we will do what is best for you not us.

Edinburgh Castle  

  Edinburgh Castle Photo Anne Schrader 

Edinburgh, Scotland


There are many cool castles (or brilliant, as the Scots would say) in Europe but you will seldom see 2 great castles within walking distance of each other unless you visit one of our all time favorite cities-Edinburgh. The castle in the photo, Edinburgh Castle, the 11th Century hilltop fortress, is the symbol of free Scotland.  At the opposite end of the Royal Mile,  is the Palace of Holyroadhouse, the residence of the Queen of England when she is in Scotland.  It is the symbol of English rule of Scotland. The significance of contrasting owners of the castles  is really a summary of what happened in Scotland-the Scots were on a relentless drive for independence from England which they ultimately lost. The remote Highlands combined with constant warfare with the English allowed Scotland to remain free most of the time, but that  finally ended in 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charley lost at the Battle of Culloden and the English have ruled Scotland ever since that battle. Although ruled by the English, most Scots see themselves as a separate country. And this struggle is all captured by these two Castles-close in distance but far apart in their significance to the Scottish people.


To learn more about this great location and see a PDF Sideshow, please click on this link

Our Newly Designed Website Contest--4 lucky Winners!
Many people have told us they like our new design.  You can quickly learn about cruising and all European Destinations--we are your cruise and European Destination Specialists
We had 4 winners.  They were: Bob Curran  a track teammate from WP; Bill Crews, who served with me at Ft. Ord CA ; and 2 WP classmates, Marc Erlandson and Dave Sitler. Congratulations to our winners--they will receive either a WineHug  protective case to carry a bottle  of wine or a RichardSolo Battery back up for an i-phone.
So what are the 3 pictures on our website--form left to right, #1 Chipping Campden, England; #2 Positano, Italy on the Amalfi Coast & #3 Cochem, Germany, on the Mosel river.

Answers to Hank's Geo Quiz # 2


  1. Rhode Island.
  2. London is on the Thames. Paris is on the Seine.
  3. Slovakia. The only island is on Lake Bled. There are no salt water islands.  You can go to our Facebook page to see a picture Anne took of Lake Bled.
  4. Strasbourg or Colmar.
  5. In Italy, the Vatican and San Marino. The other 2 countries are Lichtenstein, and Andorra.


90-100        You are a smart Europe genius!

70-85          You know a lot!

60 or less   You spent too much time in the Pub with Hank, but this quiz will boost your Geo IQ!


A Travel


Anyone who books a trip  with us before October 31, 2012, has their choice of one of 2 great gifts.  One gift is the Richard Solo Smart Back up Battery for iPhones or iPods (certain models).  The second gift is the WineHug, a protective travel case for a wine bottle.  These gifts will be provided to our clients upon final  non-refundable payment for their trip.  This is just one way Dream Destinations goes the extra mile just for you!
Offer Expires: October 31, 2012 while supplies last