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January 2012 
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Spotlight--5 Day Pacific Coast Wine Cruise
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8 Day Wine Pacific Coast Cruise
Spotlight--Celebrity Millennium Makeover
Hank & Anne Cron Castle Ireland
Dear Travel Friends

We hope you like our new newsletter!  For 16 years Anne & I have been proud to help our friends visit the wonderful dream destinations of this world.  As you know, we specialize in cruises and European travel. 
Don't hesitate to call us for more information at 713-397-0188 (Hank) or 832-244-0215 (Anne).
We are happy to help!

Anne Schrader

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European Adapter Plugs

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I want to take my electrical devices to Europe but I know they use a different electrical system. How can I be sure I will not destroy my expensive electronics?

A. American devices use 110 volts but European devices use 220 volts. You will destroy your American electronic device if it is design for 110 volts only and you plug it into a European electrical outlet using an adaptor plug. The good news is that most new electronic devices (cell phones, i-pods, lap top computers, i-pads, etc.) have built in voltage converters that work in both the US & Europe. Look for range of voltages printed on the item or plug (such as 100~240v). The print is very small so you may need a magnifying glass to be sure your device is safe. If your device is 110v only, we recommend you do not bring it. It is true that you can use a converter to change the electric current from 110v to 220v, but they are bulky, get really hot & can work with only one device at a time. Regardless of the voltage rating of your device, it will not work without an adapter. With the proper adapter, your American style plug will fit into the round European style electronic receptacles. On the Continent, you will use an adapter with two round prongs. In Britain & Ireland, you will need an adapter with three big rectangular prongs.  The photo above shows you what the adapters look like.

Q. What electronic devices should I take?

A. This is a question about personal preferences & practicality--no one answer fits all. We have carried laptops, net-book computers, cell phones, i-pads, MP3 players, digital cameras, USB flash drives, noise canceling headphones, hair dryers-most every portable device you can imagine. Some are worthwhile; others not so good. For me, my i-phone & charger cords, my Bose noise canceling headphones, & my Richard Solo smart backup battery for my i-phone are all I need. Anne usually brings the 3 above items plus an i-Pad &/or net book computer & our digital camera. We both also bring iPods. Here is a way to evaluate what to bring. How often will you use the device? (my iPhone & iPod & my headphones let me listen to hours of music while moving from one place to another-helps make long flights & train trips tolerable). How connected to friends & family do you want to be? (this may dictate phone &/or computer or tablet device). Do you need to be able to work while on the trip? (this means a laptop or netbook or tablet device). What mode of transportation are you using? (a cruise means you can bring more of your cool stuff, while trains & other public transportation may want to limit what you take) How much are you willing to pay to stay connected? (this is a separate & complex issue but it must be considered-you will need a cost effective plan that meets your needs).


We are European travel experts--we can make your trip special--call on us to help you find your Dream Destinations!






5-day Pacific Coast Wine Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium

Click this link & go to Special Offers Page of our Website to see a Slide Show  

This exciting cruise will depart on May 27, 2012 from San Diego.  Ports of call are San Francisco & Victoria B.C.  It will end in Vancouver  on June 1st.  This is a great value and a wonderful way to take a break over the Memorial Day weekend!
We have prices that are
 $200--$370 lower than currently offered by Celebrity Cruise Lines Web Site!  Hurry--this offer goes away on January 27,
Hot Deals
Our Cruise Specials
1.  May 27, 2012 5-day Pacific Coast wine cruise on the Celebrity Millennium
2.  September 14, 2012 8-day Pacific Coast wine cruise on the Celebrity Millennium
3.  Any AMAWaterways 2012 European River cruise.
Why Use Us?
Anne & Hank on the Celebrity Silhouette 2011
The value we add to our customers:
1. It cost you nothing for us to plan your travel.
2. We have 16 years experience--we help you get the best value for your dollar --saves you time & money!
3.  Book it yourself & you are on your own--we can help you avoid problems & help resolve disputes.
4.  We are small enough to give you personalized service, yet big & experienced enough to get you the right trip.
5.  We are honest, hard working with one goal--to serve you--we will do what is best for you not us.
8 Day Pacific Coast Wine Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium
Olympic Dining Room
 New dining room - newly Solstisized ship! Ask us why that is so great!
A great vacation value!  This exciting cruise will depart Vancouver, BC on September 14, 2012.  Ports of call are Nanaimo BC, Victoria BC, San Francisco CA, Monterey CA.  It will end in San Diego CA on September 22.  For those who want to see all of the breath-taking West Coast & have an exceptional wine experience, this is a vacation you will always remember!

Click here to see a slideshow about this cruise.
What Does Solstisized Mean?
The Celebrity Millennium will receive a spectacular make-over in May 2012.
This upgrade includes the following:
A new dining venue, Qsine, where you will be able to have world-class cuisine & order unique food dishes--from a menu is viewed on an IPad.
A Celebrity iLounge, complete with computer stations, classes & an Apple store at sea.
An ice-topped Martini Bar--the best selection of Martinis you will ever see!  It is paired with Crush, for chilled, top-tier vodkas &  caviar.
A new specialty coffee shop, Cafe'al Bacio & a Gelateria--great ice treats.
Addition of Cellar Masters, an enomatic wine bar, which has a state-ofthe-art wine serving system allowing guests to select & serve "by- the-glass" awesome wines.
Bistro on Five, a vibrant, popular creperie.
The addition of Blu with 100 seats for AquaClass guests.
An upgraded Michael's Club, with 50 international beer selections, along with an extensive collection of fine whiskeys, scothes, cognac & bourbons.
Full wi-fi capability throughout the ship.
An enhanced bedding program
Addition of 60 new staterooms
The addition of 107 AquaClass Staterooms.
Some of the above features may reuire an extra fee.
We have been on 2 Solstice Class ships, and we can promise you, they are better than advertisied!  Click Here to see a slide show about a Solstice Class ship--most pictures are taken by Anne.
We promise you--sail on one of these Celebrity ships & you will find a new way to get away & make the most of your precious vacation days 

A Travel


Anyone who books one of the trips advertised in our current newsletter with us before January 31, 2012, has their choice of one of 2 great gifts.  One gift is the Richard Solo Smart Back up Battery for iPhones or iPods (certain models).  The second gift is the WineHug, a protective travel case for a wine bottle.  These gifts will be provided to our clients upon final  non-refundable payment for their trip.  This is just one way Dream Destinations goes the extra mile just for you!
Offer Expires: January 31, 2012 while supplies last