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August 2012
E-Track Facilitator Training Page News

Dear Trainers:

You now have the ability to link from the E-Track Facilitator Training Page http://www.ocwtp.net/e-track/FacilTrng.html to end-user training materials that will walk you through searching for, enrolling in, and/or withdrawing from E-Track training sessions as a participant.  These instructions also cover accessing your participant transcript and changing your E-Track password. To follow the new link and begin performing these new functions today, visit toSECTION 3 on your E-Track Facilitator Training Page http://www.ocwtp.net/e-track/FacilTrng.html.  

Changes to Training as a Result of E-Track

There are many changes to our training system as a result of E-Track going live to all staff and caregivers the end of June 2012. One change is that trainees will no longer use 10 to 15 minutes at the end of the training session to complete a hard copy evaluation survey and receive a training certificate. With E-Track, child welfare staff and caregivers complete an online evaluation survey after the training, and receive their certificate through E-Track, no certificates will be distributed at the conclusion of the workshop.  The certificate will be provided electronically after the workshop.


To comply with the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board, OCWTP training sessions must last the entire training time period. Trainers do not need to develop or create new content for the extra 10 to 15 minutes you have at the end of a training session. Instead, use the time to promote Transfer of Learning (TOL). The recent Common Ground issue provided suggestions on how to use this time to increase TOL, including using the last 15 minutes of the training session to help participants' develop an action plan that identifies:

  • Three small steps they will take to incorporate new information into their work, and how these action steps will improve their practice in one week, in one month, and in six months.
  • How they will share the new information with a supervisor, co-worker, or another foster parent.
  • Potential obstacles to using new information, and how they can overcome those obstacles.
  • Support people and resources in the agency that can help them achieve their action plan goals.

There are a variety of action plans available through the RTCs for you to use, or feel free to create your own.


Also, you will see in the training rooms new name tents, new idea catchers, and new posters with important information about E-Track for staff and caregivers. Please become familiar with these new products.


Contact Information
Debra Sparrow
Institute for Human Services

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For more information contact Debra Sparrow at dsparrow@ihs-trainet.com.