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April 2012



2012 OCWTP Award Winners!

 James Harris, Rising Star Award winner

Anthony President, Linda Pope Award winner


Thank you for your attendance at the 25th OCWTP Trainer Conference.  It was our largest attendance in five years and a great conference.  We appreciate your dedication and support to the OCWTP.


 Are You Leaving Your Training Early?    


Please remember that workshops should begin and end at the times scheduled. Only under rare weather emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances can participants be let out earlier than scheduled and only after consultation with the Regional Training Center staff. Trainers are permitted to take shorter breaks and use the extra time to lengthen the lunch hour, but the training day cannot be shortened. If you have any questions, please talk to a Regional Training Center Director or IHS staff.


GAP Session for Trainers: How to Address Diversity Issues in Your Training
Originally scheduled for April 17, this GAP session has been postponed and is now rescheduled for Thursday, April 26, 2012, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. The session will focus on strategies trainers find useful for identifying, integrating, and addressing issues of diversity competently in their training, particularly as applied to their training topic.  Please register so that prior to the GAP we can send you pre-session materials: namely, the Trainer Resource Guide that provides a full range of suggested strategies. 
To register contact Beth Rodriguez - brodriguez@ihs-trainet.com or Leslie Ahmadi - lahmadi@ihs-trainet.com.



Skill-Building Blended Learning Lab    

To continue the process of Strengthening the Bridge from Training to Practice through application of Transfer of Learning (TOL) in your workshops, register for the Skill-Building Learning Lab. The learning lab is designed to: 

  1. Learn new ideas through an exchange of information
  2. Practice and apply specific skill building and transfer strategies
  3. Strengthen existing training designs to enhance efforts to support skill development and transfer of learning.  

The learning lab includes a two-hour E-learning session and a one hour coaching session. One month later we will ask you later you to submit revised content outline/curriculum demonstrating improvements. 



Preference will be given to trainers who have attended workshops offered in the Training of Trainer (TOT) series or who have content outlines and who have had experience offering trainings to the OCWTP constituents.  Register for one of the following dates:  May 15, 2012 or May 29, 2012 or June 5, 2012 (all labs are 7pm-9pm) by contacting Debra Sparrow at dsparrow@ihs-trainet.com. Registration is limited.  




PCIT Trainers Needed

If you are a therapist formally trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy and you  are interested in being certified in CARE, an "off shoot" of PCIT for caregivers, please contact Kelley Gruber at kgruber@ihs-trainet.com.  We would like to develop at least one CARE trainer who can offer the CARE model to caregivers statewide.  You must first be trained in PCIT before you can be trained in CARE.  

Upcoming Training of Trainers  

Curriculum Development

May 16-17, 2012

Presentation Skills

June 4-6, 2012


June 22, 2012


To register contact:

Debra Sparrow



Contact Information
Debra Sparrow
Institute for Human Services