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August/September 2012

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Follow-up session review
Caregiver Meetings
Hear ye, hear ye
Come camping with us
Faithful Paws
Upcoming Events
New Resources
Dietitian Visit
Follow-up Sessions:
A review for you
If you have been an active member of HARC for at least one year, HARC is proud to offer you a follow-up session with our Speech-Language Pathologists. These sessions are ongoing at HARC throughout the year.
The purpose of the session is two-fold: 1) to give HARC the opportunity to touch base with caregivers, and participants about the participant's language process to date, and 2) to discuss the current or future needs that HARC may be able to assist you with.
The sessions typically last 2-3 hours and include an interview, testing, and discussion.
We will be contacting you soon after your HARC anniversary date.
Thank you for participating in these valuable sessions!
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To our newest Volunteers:
Lea Gargarin
Cathy Mugambi
Next Caregiver Meeting
Meet HARC's Executive Director!
Our next meeting will be Tuesday August 7th at HARC from 10:00-11:00am. Allison Hay, HARC's Executive Director will be on hand to meet you and lead the day's discussion.

Hear ye, hear ye at HARC!
News and updates will be read aloud each morning
Get to HARC early before programs to hear what's new and upcoming! The announcements will be read aloud in the community room each morning Tuesday through Thursday at 9:50 a.m. Don't miss out!
NOTE: We understand that you may be running behind on certain days. In order to limit disruption of the group environment, if you arrive late for the scheduled group time, we ask that you wait until the following hour to join the next scheduled group. Remember the computer lab and community room are always available for other language activities. Thank you for your understanding.
Sign up for camp
Participants, family, caregivers invited
It's not until October, but it's not too soon to make plans -- and reserve your place -- at HARC's all-free excursion to the barrier-free Camp For All! Save the dates: October 26-28, and sign up as soon as you can. There are plenty of activities to suit all tastes, and if you're simply seeking rest and relaxation, the 206-acre campsite can accommodate you, too! For more information, please see fliers about the Camp For All trip located on the table underneath the bulletin board at HARC. Your entire family(kids too!) are invited, but we need to know numbers to plan food and room counts. There are separate sign-up sheets for overnight and day stays. Please see Stephanie, Melissa or Allison to reserve your spot! 
New Program Addition: Welcome Faithful Paws
Beginning in August
Wednesday August 1st HARC will welcome Faithful Paws as a once a month special program offering. Faithful Paws is a team of organized volunteers from the Houston Community which involve the incorporation of trained animals specifically designed to administer unconditional love and therapy to adults. 

Animal assisted therapy is a scientifically proven form of therapy that is recognized as therapeutic and recreational. While at HARC, we do not offer formal therapy, we do believe that the visits will be an interactive, therapeutic activity for our participants. The group will interact and communicate with the dogs and their trainers during the structured group time.
See you then! 
Upcoming Events
August 2 & 9 -- New Participant Orientation Days
August 7--Dynavox Training at HARC from 2-3pm. 
August 20 -- Volunteer Group Facilitator training from 10 a.m. to noon.
September 17th--Supported Communication for Adults with Aphasia: A Training for Caregivers and Participants
Miller Outdoor Theatre at Hermann Park
 Info you can use
Check out new caregiver sources
We've added new information for caregivers covering a wide range of interests to the source folders located in the file cabine in the locker room. Among the handouts you'll find:
1. 20 Things to Do in Houston -- It's an aphasia-friendly list.
2. Family Caregivers: What You Should Know About Burnout
3. Information About Social Disability Insurance (SSDI) -- What It Is, Who Is Eligible and How to Apply
4. Virtual Health Fair -- A free online health fair -- at www.stroke.org/vhf2012 -- offers free education about anything related to stroke.    
Attention NEW HARC Members:
Our next New Participant Orientation is scheduled for August 2 & 9th. New participants and caregivers are asked to bring any outstanding paperwork with them, as well as a few personal or family photographs of vacations or any other special event that they'd like to share during group programs. Also, just a reminder: The orientation is only for new participants.
Dietitian Visit
HARC is proud to welcome Gabriella Gardner, RD from Memorial Hermann!
On Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 we will welcome Gabriella to our Let's Get Cooking Group. Her background is nutrition guidance for stoke survivors. She will be here to answer questions from our participants and to give our participant group valuable information. 

Let's celebrate this month's birthdays 
Hugs and Happy Birthday wishes to all of the following HARC family members:
Stephanie Schmadeke 
Ellis Locher 
Grace Ison  
Paul Kariuki
Linda Millman
If you know of an upcoming birthday and think there is a possibility we may not be aware of it, please add it to the birthday sheet found on the bulletin board.
Mark your calendars 

AUGUST -- Please note: Our Art Therapist, Diana, will be on vacation during the month of August, so there will be no formal art classes in August. HOWEVER, as always, our participants can work on their art projects at any time during any program day. Diana has done a wonderful job of leaving notes for our volunteers so that they can guide our participants on the days she is not at HARC.

Keep your eye out for exciting program day changes starting for the fall semester after Labor Day! We are making some fun changes and additions to keep things fresh and give participants new opportunities to use their language. The Fall Program Schedule will be posted around HARC and on our website by the end of August.
Your turn
Have something you want to share?
We'd love to highlight anything you'd want to share, whether it's a good book, a tasty recipe, a tip for a simple home activity, a informative website link -- or pretty much anything else you thing might be fun, useful or interesting! Send your ideas to Stephanie at stephanie@harctx.org. Thanks!