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HARC's 2nd Annual VOLUNTEER LUNCHEON: August 16th, 2011
Written by: Ruth Kamba and Cheryl Adamson
The Volunteer Luncheon was a success with a menu from Chuy's Mexican food. Thank you to Michael LeBourgeois and Paul Maharaj for doing all the "legwork" at Chuy's Restaurant. A number of people brought appetizers - Tex Mix Dip and guacamole dip - along with desserts: cookies, cheesecake bites, cakes and cupcakes. With all the participants, volunteers, caregivers and staff together, there was a group in every room.
luncheon 1
Cheryl Adamson, Lori Binney, Charlie Davis and Winston Goodrich
harc luncheon 2

Boot Camp for Aphasia

Written by Ruth Kamba and Cheryl Adamson


boot camp 

Boot Camp prepares people for all types of training. It gives the basic tools necessary to perform the roles that will be asked of them. Boot Camp prepared sixteen people with different types of aphasia.

The program was offered by HARC (Houston Aphasia Recovery Center) and the University of Houston Speech & Language Department. Sixteen graduate students led the program under the supervision of Dr. Lynn M. Maher, Dr. Stephanie Daniels and Stephanie Schmadeke, M.A. CCC-SLP.

The participants signed up for five hours per day, four days per week and did two weeks of sessions. The participants were divided up into groups of 4 participants and 4 student clinicians based on severity of aphasia. Everyone participated equally as the exercises became more challenging each session. By the end of the two weeks, participants made huge strides in their speech abilities.


Here are some quotes from the clinicians at the end of the programs:


"Boot Camp was a wonderful learning experience. I grew as a clinician working with different participants in a group setting and implementing Constraint Induced Language Therapy. It was exciting to watch everyone in our group make progress each day and make longer and more complex sentences as Boot Camp went on. I really enjoyed spending the last two weeks at HARC". Courtney P.


"Our group had a blast at HARC Boot Camp. The best part was that while working on challenging words and sentences, everyone's personality shone through and laughter constantly filled the room. On the last day, I watched every participant effortlessly say things that seven days earlier were difficult to say without help. As a clinician, watching every person's growth was rewarding and getting to know them as individuals was an incredibly special experience. In summary, in the spirit of our game, I could say the group was admired by the clinicians in the HARC classroom." Margeux R.


"Boot Camp was a great experience for me! I loved working with all the participants and witnessing the progress in their speech. I would love to do it again". Jackie C.


Here are some quotes from the participants:


"I enjoyed Boot Camp. Learning new words and composing new sentences was fun". Cheryl A.


"Boot Camp was fun". Pat S.


"Boot Camp was a great experience. Getting to know and work with the clinicians was fun and rewarding for me. This two week Boot Camp should continue at least two times a year". Ruth K.


Everyone agreed that the participants, the graduate students, the caregivers and the supervisors were all looking forward to doing it again.

nacho dip

Submitted by Ruth Kamba



16 OZ. jar Paul Newman's medium salsa

2 - small packages of Velveeta Cheese

1 lb. ground turkey (not extra lean)

2 Tbsp. cilantro

1 pkg. tortilla chips or Fritos



  1. Brown meat.
  2. In crock pot, combine salsa, turkey, cheese and cilantro.
  3. Cook in high until cheese melts.
  4. Reduce to medium to keep hot. Serve with chips.

TIPS: Leftovers can be combined with eggs and potatoes for a great breakfast taco.




Submitted by

devilish eggs

Michael LeBourgeois 

and taste-tested by 

HARC Participants 



12 hard boiled eggs

cup nonfat yogurt

2 tablespoons mayonnaise

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 teaspoon Tabasco

cup finelychopped fresh herbs, such as parsley, basil, dill, chives

Salt to taste



I made this recipe at one of our Tuesday 

newsletter meetings.  Most of us enjoyed the 

Devilish Eggs. The only herb I used on this recipe 

was the basil. All of us thought it would have 

been fine if we mixed up different herbs. 

Several of us also would have used more 

Tabasco, some not. 




Welcome to our New HARC Participants

Interviews and write-ups done by:

 Ruth Kamba, Cheryl Adamson, and Michael LeBourgeois


   Milton (Pete) Morris


Pete was an electrician before his stroke in 2005. He lives in Houston but was born in Beaumont, TX. His hobby is fishing.


Jeanne Sullivan


She has 2 girls and 1 boy. She is originally from Minnesota. Her stroke was in March of 2011.


Arthur Rios

arthur rios 

Arthur and his wife Kathy along with their 4 children live in Copperfield, TX.  Arthur was a banker at the Bank of Houston before his stroke.  His position at the bank was "Executive Vice President".  His hobbies are fishing and golf.


Charlie Middlebrook

charlie m 

Charlie and his wife Molly live in Houston. They have 2 boys and 1 girl. Charlie has been a Pastor for 24 years. He has written several books. 


Joe Lipe

joe lipe 

Joe Lipe grew up in North Carolina. He worked as a contract engineer and has traveled all over the world. He now lives in Spring with his wife Jean. Joe has 5 grown children, and he really enjoys his 16 grandchildren.

HARC Goes to the Deborah Duncan Show

Written by: Pat Stalsby & Michael LeBourgeois


On Monday, September 12, 2011 our HARC group attended the Deborah Duncan Show at Channel 11. Our participants, staff, and friends enjoyed participating in the audience for their Monday Medical Show. After the show, we sat for photos with Deborah and had a nice visit. Deborah is an aneurysm survivor! She also invited Rita (our Board Chair) to come back soon to talk about aphasia. This was a great day!


 dd show 

HARC's New Fall Programs 

Written by: Winston Goodrich and Doris Spengler

fall program


1. HARC Homeroom

  • Working
  • Reading
  • Study
  • Everything you want!

2. Assisted Conversation

  • Speech devices
  • Conversation with everything!

3. Movie Review

  • Watch
  • Drama, Western, Comedy
  • Talk, yes or no, opinions

4. Prepare and Share

  • different ideas
  • bring pictures, videos, books, papers
  • share it


Winston's Wine Corner
By participant: Winston Goodrich
Winston suggests:

Francis Coppola Diamond Collection 2008 Merlot : Good with all foods
Poggio Vignoso 2009 Chianti: Good with all foods
Lagaria 2009 Merlot : Good with all foods

Our newsletter group meets weekly at at HARC and consists of the following participants: Cheryl Adamson, Ruth Kamba, Pat Stalsby, Winston Goodrich, Micheal LeBourgeois, and Doris Spengler.




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