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Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon

The luncheon, held on August 12, 2010, was a great success!  All of the participants, volunteers and staff got together to enjoy great food and company.  There were a wide variety of desserts to choose from including Grace Ison's fantastic coconut cake.  Dr. Rita Justice, HARC board president, expressed her appreciation to the volunteers via phone call from Colorado.       

   Look how we have grown!

     harc flowers       harc luncheon
HARC Happenings

New Fall Classes


Led by Micki Fine M. Ed. L.P.C.



Led by Tika Blount


Welcome to our new participants and volunteers since June!


Ellis Locker

Kristi Breaux

Teresa Tran

Shahad Nawab

Elizabeth Adebayo-Alabi

Lauren Rodekohr

Shirley Quilca

Anna Portillo

Tina Phe

Lauren Brady

Katie Killebrew

Yasmeen Esaklul

Nafisa Ahmed

Lori Binney

Jan Holland

Kathryn Paschall

Sarah Daniel

Deborah Whatley

Emily Hutchins

Amber Webb

Laura Plummer


Mary Bartz

Charlita Blair

Joanie Briggs

Peter Girardin

Shawn Guo

Michael LeBourgeois

Pat Stalsby

Javier Ulloa

Bruno Wesolek

Bon Appetite!

Recipes shared by HARC Participants


Poached, Stuffed Flounder - Recipe shared by Cheryl Adamson


You will need:

2 lbs flounder fillets, skin removed

1 tbsp Ottavio grape seed oil

2 cups yellow squash, julienned

2 cups zucchini, julienned

2 cups carrots, peeled and julienned

1 cup yellow onion, peeled and julienned

3 tbsp dry white wine (optional)

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp Adam's Reserve House Rub

4 fresh thyme sprigs

1 dash San Carlos Habanero hot sauce (or Tabasco)

To prepare:

Preheat over to 350 degrees

In large skillet heat grape seed oil: sauté' zucchini, yellow squash, onions and carrtos

Season vegetables with half House Rub

Place flounder fillets in a layer in greased 9-inch baking dish

Lay a single freshthyme sprig over each flounder filet, and then spoon vegetable mixture into center of filets

Fold filets over mixture, tucking ends under to make flounder rolls

Drizzle lemon juice and white wine over filets

Sprinkle remaining House Rub over each roll

Cover baking dish with aluminum foil, and bake in preheated 350-defree over for 25-30 minutes

To serve:

Ladle Lemon Beurre Blanc in center of plate: spoon Butternut Squash risotto into sauce

Gently remove flounder rolls and serve over rice or cous cous

Garnish with chopped cilantro and minced red pepper if desired

Chocolate Pretzel Treats - Recipe shared by Stephanie Schmadeke

1 Bag Rollo Candy  rolo

Small twist pretzels     pretzels

Pecan Halves     pecans


ovenOven 250 F

pretzel Pretzels on cookie sheet Cookie sheet

Rollos on each pretzel pretzel + rolo

ovenCook for 10 minutes until soft

oven mitOut of the oven

Press pecan pecans on each

pretzel + rolo + pecans

Take OFF pan cookie sheetspatula

freezerCool in freezer

                       "Speak Out"

            Articles written by our participants with Aphasia


Written by Ruth Kamba
ruth camp ruth camp2
 My husband, Clarence, and I found a camping spot in Huntsville State Park, Texas.  It is only 1 hr 15 minutes, from our house.  The site has a lot of trees and a lake for boats and kayaking.  If you like fishing, day or night, they have facilities to do that.  There are many trails for hiking to choose from.  In the fall, the weather is cooler and the color of the trees change.  While you feel like you are far away in the country, you are just 10 minutes away from the busy highway (IH 45) and very close to home.

"Chef Cheryl"

Written by Cheryl Adamson


HEB cooking class           


Where - The Woodlands

Wine - Inca - Torrontes (white)

Menu - Seafood

All - The food was great!  Except the scallops

"What are kids interested in today?"

Interview with Trent Stalsby about Pokemon


Written by Pat Stalsby and Michael LeBourgeois


Michael & Pat: They have a newsletter for HARC where your mom goes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Your mom and I decided we would do it together since both of us can't talk as well.  So we're going to find out what is Pokémon so we can make a newsletter so that the grandparents and stuff are wondering why all the kids like Pokémon. So what is Pokémon? Is it a person?"

Trent: its little creatures mixed in with real animals.  I'll show you in a minute.

Michael & Pat: I thought Pokémon was somebody's name.  Is it?

Trent: No, it's not anybody's name.

Michael and Pat: Is it something that you read? Is it a game? A TV show?

Trent: It's both.  It's a TV show and a game.

Michael and Pat:Do you have it on your Nintendo DS?

Trent: Yeah I have lots of Pokémon games on here.  This right here is an addiction Pokémon?  It's a dragon. This is the same thing. There are three diction worlds.  This is a volcano Pokémon.  It's mixed in with some sort of dog.  This is an alpha Pokémon.

Michael and Pat: Who is your favorite character?

Trent: Ash.  He's like a teenager.  This is my person on this game.  His name is Ethan.  The other one on my other games are called locus.

Michael and Pat: So his name is Ash? Is he the best guy?

Trent: Yeah, on this game I can battle Ash.

Michael and Pat: So people are trying to beat him?

Trent: Yeah he's one of the Elite 4s.  Have you ever heard of one of those? They're like champions at stuff.

Michael and Pat: They're the Elite 4s of the Pokémon's? So all of these guys are Pokémon's?

Trent: Not Pokémon's, they're Pokémon trainers but they have Pokémon's.

Michael and Pat: So when you play do you usually play on your DS?

Trent: Yeah.  There are Nintendo's and then Nintendo DSI's.  I have all of them except for DSI Elite.

Michael and Pat: Do you collect little cards for Pokémon?

Trent: You mean like the playing cards?  Yeah.  I used to have some.  You don't play with them. You just collect them.  The game can run on Play Station II and Play Station III.

Michael and Pat: Mostly guys do it or girls do it too?

Trent: Sometimes girls can. Cause you can play with a boy and a girl on this.

Michael and Pat: Those are just character names?

Trent: Some of those are just trainers.  The one with the hat on is Ash and the other one is May.

Michael and Pat: What's the difference between a trainer and a Pokémon?

Trent: The trainer is a normal persona and a Pokémon has moves and can battle each other.

Michael and Pat: So Ash is a good person?

Trent: Yeah.

Michael and Pat: There are other bad people too? Who are the other people?

Trent: The ones named Team Rocket and Team Galactic are bad.

Michael and Pat: So they are characters?

Trent: Some characters are bad and some characters are good.  You want to beat the bad guys and save the Pokémon's. If the bad people beat them they can take over the earth. Ash and my person are both good but we just like to battle sometimes for practice.

Michael and Pat:  We saw a photo on the Internet that looks like a watch. What is this machine?

Trent:  It is called a Pokewatch.  If you find one some people will give you apps for Nintendo DS. 

"Winston's Wine Corner"

Written by Winston Goodrich

A wine connoisseur for 45 years

Likes 3 - red, white, champagne

Favorite from France but also Italy, Germany and Napa

Normal to drink everyday overseas, just a little bit now

Favorite: Red

Winston's wine suggestions:

Ecco Domani Italia 2008 Merlot

wg wine 1

- Drink with Swiss, Cheddar, or American cheese             

Menage a Trois 2008 - blend of 3 red wines


- Drink with steak                                                   

 Barefoot Chardonnay California


- Drink with chicken or fish

This newsletter was developed, organized, and written by our participants with aphasia. Look for our next newsletter in spring of 2011 ! 
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