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June 2012
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President's Update
Do You Control Your Data? or Do You Fear It? Kilmartin Consulting
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If you are interested in speaking to a vendor in this newsletter about a project make sure you mention the discount coupon they are offering for July 2012.

The vendor articles are provided for our membership as information on what is available in the market place.
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Insight's Drawing Winners
Johnny Hazelton, Hajoca Corp

Deborah Greer, Janpak

Evan Smith, Hunzicker

Melissa Jaworowicz, Etna Supply

Jason Black, Shepherd Electric

Randy Mason, Famous Enterprises

Roger Bales 


Training Videos

Did you notice that we have placed several new training videos on our website?
New additions are:

New Hire Eterm #1 Introduction to Eclipse

New Hire Eterm #2 Beyond the Basics

Faster More Efficient Solar

Solar Widgets - Base Widgets
New Members

California Supply California Label  
Gardena CA
Devore and Johnson 
Athens GA

FD Lawrence Electric  
Cincinnati, OH
Johnstone Supply 
Oakland, CA

RJ Walker Co
Scranton, PA
Stoneway Electric Supply
Spokane, WA

Triangle Supply, LTD.

Red Deer, AB Canada
Returning Members

Delaware Valley Plumbing 
Voorhes, NJ

Green Mountain 

Newport, VT

Los Angeles Rubber 
Los Angeles, CA

Pittman Plumbing Supply 
Carrollton, TX

South Amboy Plumbing 
South Amboy, NJ
New Vendor Partner

Thrive Technologies 
July Training Webinars
New Hire Solar 1&2 7/11-12
SMP Vendor Product Presentation 7/17
Web Commerce/Integration Roundtable 7/19
Valuable Inventory Reports 7/26
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President's Update
Terry Kin 
Insights UFO Booth

I hope you all are enjoying the start to a great summer.

It's been about 6 weeks since Insights and I hope you enjoyed Insights as much as I did. As always it is great to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and network with as many people as possible. Insights is a great yearly platform to keep in touch with Eclipse, friends, and upcoming offerings. Thank you to all who stopped by the booth and congratulations to drawing winners. Also thanks to all who stopped me and other board members to discuss issues that are important to you and your company. All of this feedback is very important and helps set the stage for our meetings with Epicor.

Hopefully you were able to attend the UFO breakout session to get an update on what YOUR users group is working on. We had the largest turnout that I can remember in quite a few years and it was great to see that many people in the audience. I wish we could have had more time for Q&A, but feel we used our time wisely. We will try to get a longer session at next year's conference.

We are listening!!

We had quite a lot of feedback regarding Insights, the conference layouts, and Las Vegas as a conference host city. Between surveys and the web conference call we have a great collection of information. We have shared this with Kevin Roach and other Epicor executives to improve future conferences.

The full UFO board had a meeting Sunday before Insights to help us prepare for Insights and further plan for the remainder of the year.

The UFO executive team also had meetings with Paul Ferrell and Kevin Roach to discuss the roadmap for Eclipse. Both meetings were very productive and both Kevin and Paul re-iterated the same message - Eclipse is not going away and continues to have development to make it an even stronger platform. I know there is noise in the industry stating the opposite, but both Kevin and Paul urged us to ignore the noise and look at the tangible investments being made to further Eclipse.

We are listening!!

Epicor announced a Linux support package and there were quite a few questions concerning exactly what it covered. We setup a web conference for our UFO members with Dan Heulitt and Paul Deluca. While Dan and Paul answered many questions and developed a better understanding of our concerns, other questions were raised and Dan/Paul are working on answering those now. We will pass along information as we get it.

As always if you have any feedback don't hesitate to contact myself, Mary Barlow, or any other UFO board member. 


Do You Control Your Data? or Do You Fear Your Data?  

You have been on Eclipse for awhile; or you went live within the past year, the adrenalin rush has subsided, and life is getting back to normal.


You're having a nice day at work, when the Owner suddenly walks in and wants to know why "your" computer allowed an item to be sold below what the company paid to purchase it. Since you are the "eclipse wizard" in your Company (or one of them), you are the default "keeper of the data", and responsible for all things gone wrong.


When you track down the reason for selling the item so low, it turns out that there was a sell matrix that had a fixed price, with no expiration date. It was created back in the days when you first went on the system, and salesmen were creating sell matrices for their customers. So you fix the offending matrix with a variable formula, and all is well in your world again. That night, while you're sleeping around 2am, your subconscious raises the possibility that there may be other fixed price sell matrixes sitting in your data file. You don't sleep too well after that, or the next night, because you know that other fixed price sell matrices may be sitting there, like time bombs waiting to go off. Fear of the unknown.


This is just an example of "bad data" that can populate Eclipse after a while. There are many other examples, such as:

  1. Negative onhand balances that cause the suggested PO's to be wrong.
  2. Sell Matrices with the wrong basis.
  3. Customers that have the wrong price class.
  4. Products with the wrong sell group.
  5. Etc, etc.

At this point the "fear of the unknown" can start to weigh heavily, because you know that "bad data" could exist, but you don't know how to find it. You just react to situations as they arise, always dreading the next "bomb".


If you are the "keeper of the data" then you have arrived at this point sometime in your journey.


From here, you have two choices:

  1. You can become proactive, and make the decision to take control of your data, or
  2. You can continue to be reactive, afraid of the unknown. Actually #2 is not a choice, you automatically continue to do it by not choosing #1.

The way that you take control of your data is by using the report writer and mass load utilities.


The report writer utility allows you to view your data at a detailed level, limited only by your imagination. This allows you to find any "bad data". It is also a great tool for creating reports that are not included in the standard Eclipse reports.


The massload utility allows you to correct the "bad data", thereby removing the fear of the unknown.


If you are the "keeper of the data" in your company, become proficient in these two utilities and you will become proactive in managing your data, not reactive. And you will also sleep better.


If you would like assistance in learning how to use these tools more effectively, or any other topic regarding your Eclipse system, please contact the author at 781-630-1025, or  Hugh Kilmartin


 One Free Hour of Consulting!  

"one of the biggest problems that Eclipse Users face, is that they do not know what questions they should be asking".

Hugh has been affiliated with the User's Group for 19 years; first as an Eclipse user then as an Eclipse Consultant. As a way to help users identify what those questions might be, Hugh has offered a free hour of consulting, training, or general discussion regarding Eclipse, in the month of July.
Contact Hugh and mention code "SUM2012FR1" call 7


Offer Expires: July 31, 2012
Bulletin Board Q&A

Posted by:

Title: Override demand

We're new to Eclipse and was just wondering if there is an option to manually overide the demand that the system calculates for a product.

Response by:

With proper authorization, you can access the History Ledger screen for the branch whose demand you wish to manipulate. Depending upon how you have your Forecast Demand parameters set (# of hits specified), you could....
1) Change your History Ledger View so that it just shows 'Sales'. 

2) Locate and manually adjust the appropriate number of those showing as 'Stock' to 'Excpt', leaving enough remaining as 'Stock' to meet your desired demand.  

Re-forecast the Product and you should see the adjusted demand (It will ignore those flagged as Excpt during the Forecast Demand process found under the Purchasing Menu.) 
As an ex-SHIMS user myself, I know exactly what you are referring to. Eclipse does not have Monthly Demand buckets as SHIMS used to have. Since Eclipse uses the 25-hits philosophy (and the number of days to find the 25 qualifying hits could vary, having monthly buckets to adjust would not have any impact as demand is not based on looking back a specified number of 'months'. It's primarily based upon total number of qualifying hits (whether this takes 10 days or 365). 
You can also flag an entire ORDER or CUSTOMER so that all items are automatically considered as an 'Exceptional' sale and not used during the Demand Forecasting. This is ideal for large JOB accounts that may or may not repeat themselves.

Need to Connect Eclipse to an External Database or System?Optimum Systems, LLC 
Optimum systems, LLC 

Many distributors running on Eclipse need their ERP to be able to communicate with some type of external system. However, as most Eclipse users know, it's internal data structure tends to be a bit challenging, and certainly is anything but "open."   

This is where Optimum Systems comes in. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience moving data into and out of Eclipse. Our tools have allowed many companies to successfully connect their Eclipse systems to various external databases and systems. Some of the ways our connection tools have been used are: connection to website databases, synchronization with data warehouses, CRM systems, Amazon, Trade Service and other vendor-managed databases. Normally these are configured to automatically communicate with customers, vendors or other third parties, relieving staff members from having to manually perform these tasks.  

Every Eclipse company has a unique way of operating their business, and because of this, we do not just provide "cookie-cutter" solutions and try to make them fit every situation. Rather we custom-tailor our solutions to address the exact problem or challenge that our customers need to solve, in a way that optimally meets their needs.


Solutions we offer:  

Website Integration

One of our most requested solutions is providing communication between consumer or B2B websites and Eclipse.   Our exclusive connection technology provides several advantages over other connectivity options available for Eclipse.

This enables: 

  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Easy to Learn

SQL Database Syncing

One of our specialties is providing automatic syncing of Eclipse data to external SQL databases. For example we often mirror product data from either the Eclipse product file or PDW to a website database as part of our web integration projects. This enables: 

  •  Customized Searching
  • Real Time Syncing
  • Dashboard Creation

Amazon Marketplace Web Service Integration

We can offer a fully automated solution for distributors that use Amazon Marketplace to sell their products. The result is saving companies from having to manually transfer data between the two systems. This solution enables:  

  • Import customer orders from Amazon into Eclipse.
  • Order Confirmations.
  • Load Products Pricing and Onhands.  

Custom Enhancements  

Many of our customers have unique requirements and have asked us to develop solutions which enhance Eclipse to better support their business. These include:

  • importing product information, pricing updates, customer orders, etc
  • emailing price books, order acknowledgments, etc as CSV or XLS files
  • custom canned reports which provide different data or formats than the canned reports Eclipse provides, or can be readily accomplished using Report Writer

Contact us at or phone 404-386-7880     

Save $250
Optimum System, LLC has been a vendor partner with the Eclipse Users Group for two years and we continue to support the Group and its Members.
We are offering a $250 discount on any project contract signed during the month of July 2012.
Mention this coupon when you contact us. or call 404-386-7880
Offer Expires: July 31, 2012

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