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News Release
February 9, 2011
For Immediate Release
Eclipse Users Group/UFO

President's Message To the UFO Membership 2011


First let me thank the people for voting for me to become President of the UFO, I will strive to continue the great leadership we have had in the UFO group.  On that note let me personally thank Larry McMullin for his contribution and leadership during his tenure as President.  Larry will not be leaving the board yet though as he will be filling the Past President position so we will continue to have his insight. 

Summit is fast approaching and I'm hoping you are able to attend to learn, share, and network with other fellow Eclipse users.  Summit is a very busy and productive time for the UFO board:

-  Make sure to stop and visit the booth to find out whets new and get in our drawings to win great prizes.

-  On Sunday, the UFO board will have one of our yearly face to face meetings.  Many topics will be discussed to further the impact of the UFO group.

- On Tuesday I hope you've made time to sit in our UFO membership update and get an update on our activities and plans.

- The UFO Exec board will be meeting the Activant Executives to discuss the opportunities our users face and work towards common goals for everyone.

- You will see UFO board members at the booth and in general during the conference and I invite you to stop and talk to the board member regarding any UFO topics you may have.

Lastly, I hope to see and speak to as many UFO members as possible at Summit.  Sharing your thoughts and ideas is the simplest way to help the group improve.

Thank You.


Terry Kin

Board President, Eclipse Users Group/UFO