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Eclipse Users Group/UFO NewsletterDecember 2010 Vol 510

 President's Update
Larry McMullin, UFO President

This is our last newsletter for 2010 and this is my last report as the President of the Eclipse Users Group.  It has been a privilege to serve with Mary, Suzanne, the Board of Directors and the members of the Eclipse Users Group.


As always, we will continue to have challenges that range from our relationship with Activant, operational issues with both Solar and Eterm, costs of operating our software and the general economic climate in our country.  I remain optimistic that all of these areas will improve and I remain committed to work on these issues within our group.


I continue to believe that one of our most important projects is the relationship between Activant and our membership.  We have worked on this project very hard the past couple of years and you can rest assured that the new board leadership and the new board will continue pressing this project.


I have asked for your assistance many times and you have always come through. I ask for your help again!  It is critically important that you participate in our IDEAS enhancement project. Mary has written an article in this newsletter that explains what this project is all about and why it is important. Our success in this project can set the stage for future collaboration between our group and Activant.


I wish  the best for all of you during this Holiday season and during the New Year!


New Eclipse Users Group Vendor Partnership
Enhancements - Eclipse UFO Ideas
Training Committee Update
Directors & Officers Vote Results
Kore Technologies - Vendor Partner
New Members
Lowe Electric Supply Company, Macon, GA
Vendor Partner Presentation Dates

Kore Technologies - Jan  18th

MITS -                       Feb 15th

Phocas                      Mar 15th

Billtrust                      Apr  26th

SPA                          May 17th

Tour de Force           Jun  21st

SMP                         Jul   19th

Zerion Group            Aug  16th

Invoice Connection  Sep  20th

New Eclipse Users Group Vendor Partnership
Mary Barlow, Executive Director 


The Eclipse Users Group/UFO has created a new Vendor Partnership in an effort to provide a valuable service to our membership.

Many times members contact us looking for information on a vendor which may or may not be a preferred Activant Partner. Until now we have only been able to give information on the published companion products offered by Activant. This new offering to our Vendor Partners will allow our members to have access to Eclipse Users Group/UFO approved vendors.

Vendors must complete an application to become a Vendor Partner with the Eclipse Users Group and provide us with information on and current users of their product. The Training Committee reviews these applications contacting the listed references.

This membership allows the Vendor Partner to make one webinar to our membership each year. We, the UFO, manage the webinar and your company information is not given to the vendor.  Vendor Partnership also allows them to have one newsletter article per year. When the new Eclipse Users Group web page is live there will be a vendor page which will list the vendor partners and their contact information.

 The presentation and information is intended solely to provide our membership the opportunity to view a product or service which may be of value to them as they work with their Activant Eclipse System.  The approval of the Board of Directors for this presentation does not constitute an inducement, endorsement, recommendation or promise of any kind.

If the product or service in the vendor presentation has generated interest for a member, it is the responsibility of that member to contact the vendor, perform their own due diligence regarding the product or service and consult with Activant on a potential integration.

The Eclipse Users Group will not distribute member information to the vendor for presentations or in any other way. Any member may contact the vendor directly.

Welcome to our new Vendor Partners.

Mary Barlow, Executive Director

Want to have a voice in whether or not an Enhancement Idea is added to Eclipse?

The new Eclipse UFO Ideas page gives everyone who is a member of the Eclipse Users Group the opportunity to vote on Enhancement Ideas posted on this new web page.

What is the Eclipse UFO Ideas Page?

For many years the UFO has been given enhancement requests by the membership through the UFO Bulletin Boards. Those requests were entered into a database and voted on by the Enhancement Committee using a matrix for different areas, i.e. how many people in a company are affected by this program working the way it does; what is the work area affected.  Once that was done then they took the highest one from each Bulletin Board and presented it to Activant Eclipse for consideration. Some made it into the product some didn't.

Now you have the opportunity to vote on the Enhancement Ideas yourself. We imported all of the enhancement requests into the new Eclipse UFO Ideas page and we want you to vote. Activant wants to see that an Idea has broad based support from a large number of users before they will consider putting it into the product. I think you will all agree that an enhancement must benefit a large number of users before it should get into the product, not something that only a few would like to see.

We have imported over two thousand contacts from our contact files into Eclipse UFO Ideas. We have sent out emails to all of those individuals and followed up with several hundred of the delegates activating close to one thousand accounts. Now if all of those people login to the Eclipse UFO Ideas page and vote on their favorite enhancement idea then Activant will certainly have to sit up and take notice.

It is up to you, don't sit back and complain about things not being enhanced when you have the opportunity to show Activant that it is a valid and needed improvement. Hey you can even take a proactive role and get others to vote for your favorites. 

What is your login to the page? In most cases it is the same login you use for the Eclipse Users Group membership site. There is a way to find out if you have a login for the Eclipse UFO Ideas site and that is to click the Forgot Password link on the login page. It will ask you for your email and if it finds a match in the database it will send you an email just like other websites do.

Now about what you should post on this site, here is what we ask that you do. First post the enhancement idea as a thread on the UFO Bulletin Board for that work area. Why? Because sometimes it has already been corrected in a new release that you may not have installed yet or maybe there is already a way to do what you want but you don't know that. Once you have given the Bulletin Board posting some time to gather responses and you still feel that you want to send it on to the Eclipse UFO Ideas page click the link in the bottom of the thread and it will take you to the login page for the Eclipse UFO Ideas site. We have several videos on the Eclipse Users Group membership web page, after login, which explain how to post/create a new Idea, vote on and comment on posted ideas.

Activant Eclipse will be selecting Eclipse Users Group enhancements beginning in January 2011 for a point release sometime close to the middle of the year. Without your participation and votes they may not feel that any of the ideas show a wide enough interest or need. Don't let that happen! Show Activant how you feel about your favorite enhancement Ideas. Get Out There and Vote!

Training Committee Update

Cyndi Skweres, Training Committee Chairperson


In January 2011 we have a several training opportunities for our members. 

Kore Technologies will be offering a FREE webinar to our members on January 18th

On Jan 20th we will be giving a Merges & Purges Roundtable.  Kris Hopkins and Cyndi Skweres will be the presenters along with Nicole Dursi from Activant.  This roundtable was very well attended last year so please join us. Cost for roundtable is $50, but remember that your company enjoys a discount when you fill in the survey and return to us which brings your cost down to $35.  What a bargain!!!

January 26th & 27th offer web classes on Warehouse Picking Discrepancies Paper / RF.    Zerion presented web classes registration is $100 per day.

Stay tuned for all the new training topics that we have coming to you in 2011.

New start time for all web sessions in 2011. Start time is 2pm ET (1pm CT, Noon ET, 11am PT). Web classes and webinar roundtable sessions are two hours in duration. Vendor presentations are one hour long. All begin at the new time.

Eclipse Users Group/UFO 2011 Directors and Officers Election Results

Voting for Directors and Officers closed on December 15, 2010.


Your 2011 Eclipse Users Group Board of Directors is now official.



President - Terry Kin, Hercules Tire

V-President - Kris Hopkins, Echo Group

Treasurer - Tim Walker, HGH Hardware

Past President - Larry McMullin, Harry Cooper Supply


Returning Directors

David Constantine, Metropolitan Pipe          Julie Driscoll, Connor Company

Jim Nelson, Mid-City Supply                       Cyndi Skweres, Electrical Distributors

Mike Prepelica, Revere Electric                  Steve Lee, D&D Tool

Chris Thorpe, Patene Building Supply         Tammy Wolfe, Williams Supply Inc.


Newly Elected Directors

Randy Collins, Western Extralite

Bill Fitzgerald, Hajoca Corporation


The Amendment to the Eclipse Users Group/UFO By-laws was approved by the membership.


Kore Technologies - Vendor Presentation Jan 18, 2011

Session Title: "Unleash the Data in Your Eclipse System for Better Reporting and Analysis"


If you have been looking for the fastest and easiest way to create and maintain a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from your Eclipse system then you don't want to miss this presentation from Kore Technologies.


Join us to find out how you can quickly and easily deploy a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from your Eclipse UniVerse database using Kourier Integrator for U2 with SQL Accelerator. A SQL Server data warehouse is an excellent complement to your Eclipse system because of its flexibility and scalability, as well as the quality and quantity of the reporting and business intelligence software available on the market.


Using Kore's pre-configured Operational Data Store (ODS) for Eclipse you can have your Eclipse data warehouse up and running in weeks, not months. The Kore ODS for Eclipse provides customizable SQL data export templates for over 30 key Eclipse files (including the LEDGER) that can form the foundation for your business intelligence and reporting solution.


Presentation Highlights                                                                          

  • Demonstrate how Kore's products simplify and automate building a SQL data warehouse from Eclipse files
  • Unravel the complex structure of the LEDGER file to get the data you need for reporting and analysis
  • Show how you can extract and transform Eclipse data into actionable information
  • Discuss how to achieve near real-time SQL database updates, even with very large Eclipse files
  • Show examples of Rocket Software's CorVu interactive reports, graphs, and dashboards

 If you have ever considered using Microsoft SQL Server for data warehousing or reporting, you will not want to miss this presentation.


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