Volume 1
March 2010
Dear Antique Boaters,

As the year begins we find ourselves looking forward to the Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival which this year will be March 26-28 in Wooten Park, Tavares Florida. With over 30,000 spectators and 250 boats on display, this show is  the largest show if it's kind in the country. Stop by our Antique Boat America booth at the show and let's meet !!

We also note that the pressures of the economy seem to be diminishing as we are off to a very strong year with boats selling early in January for people anxious to get their new boats in the water for the 2010 boating season.
We have had over 10 Million Visitors to our site and with OVER 1,400 boats being offered for sale we think we might have a Classic boat for you !!
 Recently Sold - 1930 Dodge Triple Cockpit Runabout

This was one of the FIRST boats to come out of the Horace Dodge Plane & Boat factory in Newport News, Virginia. This triple was a beautifully maintained boat with everything original except the engine & the new West System bottom. The original owner bought this boat in Buffalo and drove it to its boathouse on Wellesley Island...where we found her.

A true collectors boat with excellent wood, great chrome, very nice upholstery and a wonderful mermaid adorning the stem. Equipped with fold down windshields, the first year of the white "Dodge" step-pads, West System bottom, African mahogany sides & decks, bronze & brass fasteners, bronze strut & rudder. Sold by Dennis Honeywell of Antique Boat America.com.

You Can Contact Dennis directly at dennis@antiqueboatamerica.com

From Italy to Houston -- A Riva Story...

1959 Riva Ariston #219

- written by Dan Diehl

                In 2009 I went to the Tavares boat show looking for information on restoring my 21' Cobra.  Terry Fiest had his beautifully restored Cobra at the show and I thought I would take pictures of it to help with my project.  After finding many of the parts I needed at the show's swap meet and getting my pictures of Terry's boat, I was feeling pretty good about my Cobra.  My friend Clay Thompson, a knowledgeable and prolific restorer of wooden boats, and I headed for the docks to see the boats that were there for the show.  As it turns out, the Marque Class group for the '09 show was the Riva series of boats.  Clay is also an owner of a Riva Aquarama and a Riva 1959 Tritone.  When we walked out on the dock, there was an Ariston on each side of the walkway.  I was spellbound.  I've always thought the Cobra had the best lines of any boat ever built but when I saw the Ariston, I put it at the top next to the Cobra.  In my mind, these are the two most beautiful boats ever made.  Right there, that day, I knew I had to have an Ariston. 

                I'm the kind of guy who loves a project.  All of my boats are "near basket cases" when I acquire them.  Well, try to find a junked out Ariston!  There aren't many.  After looking on the internet for several months, both in the US and in other parts of the world, I was having no luck at finding a project Ariston and was getting more and more discouraged. 

                One night Clay called me to tell me about a project Ariston he found on Peter Mellon's Antique Boat  America website.  Their web site has a huge number of boats and receives thousands of visitors each day.

               I immediately called Peter and he made arrangements with the owner in Houston for me to take a look.   My wife, Alicia, and I flew from Tulsa to see it.  It was truly a "milamore" boat.  That means it looks good from a mile or more.  It was discouraging at first but it did have most of the hardware with it.  Alicia said it was a boat with "lots of potential but not much else".  The only thing keeping it in one piece was the fiberglass someone had put on the outside of it years ago in an attempt at "restoration".  Peter did a great job of negotiating the deal and a week later Alicia and I drove down to trailer it home.  This Ariston, #219, was one of the first three boats brought to the United States by Carlo Riva in 1959 for the Miami Boat Show.  As it turns out, Clay's Tritone is one of the other Rivas brought to that show.  What are the odds of that?  Both boats are shown in the Riva books as being side by side at the 1959 Miami Boat Show and here they were about to be brought back together.

                Both, though, are in TERRIBLE shape.  We just couldn't resist the urge to get the boats together again after 50 years for some pictures.  So, on our way home, we took a long detour to Clay's home in Altus, Oklahoma to re-unite these two potentially gorgeous boats.  We took pictures, ate dinner with Clay and his wife Patty and were off to Tulsa.  Now the real fun begins. 

                Many thanks go out to Peter Mellon and Clay Thompson for finding the boat for us.  I mostly want to thank my wife Alicia, for having enough faith in me to help make it happen.

Both boats at the 1959 Miami Boat Show

Reunited once again in 2009

Clayton Auction -- July 31st-August 2nd 2010

Clayton , New York is a popular destination for many reasons - the majestic St. Lawrence River as a backdrop, Castles, great golf courses, world class fishing and tons of water activities. But in late July, it becomes the epicenter of wooden boating in this country as Antique and Classic boats from all over the country congregate for the Annual Boat Show and Auction. More old boats appear that weekend than any other time of the year. From the avid collector to the wistful admirer the Antique Boat Show and Auction has something for everyone.

This year marks the 46th  Annual Boat Show and Auction. The Auction will be held on Saturday August 1st, 2010 at 1 PM with previewing ALL day Friday and Saturday morning. It boasts a wide array of boats, boating collectibles and has a celebrity following!

This long running event draws over 8,000 people and is a major fundraiser for the Antique Boat Museum each year.

If you are thinking of making the trip or just dreaming about wooden boats - Check us out and we will see you in Clayton!
For information regarding the Auction, consignments or any other inquiries, feel free to contact us at 800-675-4089.

The 2010 Antique Boat Auction is sponsored by:

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