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You might have heard that laughter is good for your health. But did you know that humor plays an important social role? It lets us laugh about things that we don't normally discuss or things we take too seriously. Take, for example, political humor. Political humor certainly isn't new, but its effects may be changing.


As David Tarvin notes in his blog post, Humor in Presidential Elections, late night comedies not only give us a laugh, but even serve as a primary news source for some. This is so prevalent that a politician's response to their satirical counterparts may actually affect their popularity in the polls.

MeetMeet Jennifer Gilles

Spirit & Place Festival Program Coordinator 


Favorite fictional hero?

George Bailey from "It's A Wonderful Life." He's just a guy with regular dreams, learning how to be happy in his life.


Best play space in Indianapolis?

I love Eagle Creek Park! It's a beautiful place that gives me what I need to play.


Favorite family game?

We have Saturday "game day" where will will play from noon to midnight! Lately, our favorite game is one called "Dominion." 

BlogSpirit & Place Festival Blog


Laughter Comes in All Forms

By Jennifer Gilles, S&P Festival Program Coordinator


Experts say laughter reduces stress, relaxes the whole boy, boosts the immune system, and triggers the release of endorphins. Laughter is an emotional and physical release. But most of us don't need to "learn" this; we just know it. We feel GOOD when we laugh. We NEED to laugh...read more.


SitcomWhich Sitcom?


We asked our Facebook fans about their favorite sitcoms. They recommended Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory.


Which sitcom is your favorite? Tell us by writing on our wall or sending us a tweet!

Congratulations to Tommy Chittenden for unscrambling the clues in our March newsletter! Click here to see his answer.


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