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Dear Friend, 


"Idea-makers" that inspire you ... imaginative "happenings" you've never seen before ... a place to meet and talk with new people ... a chance to make a difference.  This is what the Spirit & Place Festival offers to you and your community. Unique to Indianapolis, the Spirit & Festival brings us together in conversation and collaboration to create new connections and directions that build community and ignite change (see stories here). 


We've got big plans to keep bringing you more of what you want and we're asking you to contribute to help make it happen.  As we get ready to explore the theme PLAY in 2012, consider a gift in honor of a coach or mentor, a band director or art teacher, a childhood playmate, or anyone else who inspires you to live a play-filled life. Your gift will help:

  • create stunning, first-rate programs, with more than 75% offered free,
  • bring high profile experts and entertainers to Indianapolis,
  • video- and audio-record select programs to benefit more people, and
  • strengthen capacity-building resources for participating organizations.

Celebrating PLAY, the 2012 festival will engage 100+ nonprofit organizations, 200+ content experts, and 18,000+ people. Through play, we exercise the mind, the body, and the spirit. We play to relax and escape, to energize and connect, to express the sacred and profane, and to celebrate and laugh.  Through play, we practice the skills we need to live in community with one another: problem-solving, imagination, resilience, risk-taking, trust, cooperation, and more.


So come play with us! Honor someone in your life who reminds you of the value of play, and help the Spirit & Place Festival create a more vibrant place to live, work, and play.  Give today!  




Pam Blevins Hinkle, Director