Spirit & Place

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About the 2010 Theme: Food for Thought provides fertile ground for exploration. Food is essential to all life. It influences our family, health, and faith. It shapes our culture, economy, and landscape. It is a symbol of community and devotion. It can also be an instrument of celebration or segregation. We share it, and we fight over it. Food permeates every aspect of the human community.
Consider these questions: How do literary works, films, visual art, music, dance, theatre and other art forms illuminate the role of food in our individual and communal life? What does history, anthropology, archaeology, and folklore tell us about food ways and cultural identities? What are the social, cultural, and religious contexts of food? What are the economic, environmental, scientific, political, ethical, and nutritional impacts of local and/or global food production and distribution?
About Spirit & Place: Now celebrating its 15th year, the festival reaches thousands of people in Central Indiana during November. People of all ages explore the theme through dozens of events created by over 100 community organizations. These adjudicated events-which include exhibits, plays, panel discussions, workshops, concerts, poetry readings, intergenerational gatherings, worship services, and more-are held in a variety of venues throughout Central Indiana including museums and galleries, concert halls and community centers, churches and synagogues, colleges and universities, public libraries and parks, public and private secondary schools, and more. The festival's mission is to promote civic engagement, respect for diversity, public imagination, and enduring change through creative collaborations between the arts, humanities, and religion.
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