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Performance at IMA Tonight!
Caddy! Caddy! Caddy!, a work based on William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, combines traditional and contemporary Japanese dance forms including kabuki, noh, and butoh. Barbed wire marks forbidden places as dancers explore the juncture between the body and the spirit.  Half-price tickets available; students get in free. Read more about this program and discounts...
Sunday Fun: Adults & Youth
An Eye to the World-Photography as Transformation:  Explore how photography can inspire us to social action in this exhibit, lecture, and interactive workshop led by Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Bill Foley.
Das Deutsches Haus/Athenaeum-Magnificent Victory Monument: Discover how this historic site continues to inspire culture and civic engagement. Enjoy a guided tour, an exhibit of German-American influence, and a panel discussion.
Exploring The Slave Ship:  Explore this place in our history and examine the horrific trade from ship owners to builders, captains to crews, enslaved to abolitionists, and compare to modern human trafficking.
People Make the Place: Hear and share stories from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth and their families on how we can transform ordinary spaces into inspiring places of acceptance.
The Beams Are Creaking: This moving play chronicles the life of Lutheran minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was inspired to plot Hitler's assassination after witnessing the inhumane treatment of African Americans in the South.
The Man Who Flies with Birds: Soar across international borders as you explore bird migration and bird strike research in Israel and learn about Indiana's endangered and nongame bird species.
The Nature of Nature: Enjoy tours, conversation, and entertainment in this exploration of the relationship between the natural system of Marian University's EcoLab and the sustainable design of the Broad Ripple Green Alleys project.
Traditional Urban Communities/Homes with History: Visit the historic Booth Tarkington home and explore the expert design of Indianapolis prior to WWII and learn how urban design and heritage connect us emotionally and spiritually.
Sunday Fun: All Ages
a.MUSE.ment @ the Library: Exchange your typically quiet library for a whimsical and joyous place teeming with music, art, and comedy sketch that explores the changing role of the library.
Celebrating Interfaith Spirituality with Families: Reflect on the value of spirituality in the family and on the issue of world hunger in this musical and artistic celebration featuring the voices of children.
Discovering Indy's Green Velvet Glove: Explore the artistry of the historic Indianapolis Park & Boulevard System by stepping outside and enjoying bike rides, walking tours, exhibits, and a public dialogue.
Take Me There Egypt: Experience Egyptian culture through exhibits, interactive activities, and a discussion led by Caterina Cregor Blitzer, director of International Education at the Indiana Department of Education. Timeless Inspirations: Hear chamber music composed in a WWII concentration camp, see student artwork inspired by the music, and learn how the experience of "place" can fire the creative imagination.

2009 Festival
Win Lunch with the Mayors
40 events explore Inspiring Places through November 15. Check it out!
You and a guest could win lunch on Friday, November 13, with John Fetterman and Bill Hudnut. Enter here by Wednesday. 
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