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Festival Preview

IndyNing-Place Making in a Virtual World:  Join the kickoff of a social networking site that allows users to explore the connection and meaning of inspiring places in Indianapolis.
Traditional Urban Communities/Homes with History: Visit the historic Booth Tarkington home and explore the expert design of Indianapolis prior to WWII and learn how urban design and heritage connect us emotionally and spiritually.
The Beams Are Creaking: This moving play chronicles the life of Lutheran minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was inspired to plot Hitler's assassination after witnessing the inhumane treatment of African Americans in the South.

Local Voices

Maurice Broaddus

Read what Inspiring Places means to a horror and fantasy writer, two professors, a "green" advocate, a musician/writer, an architect, an arts leader, a rabbi, a foundation executive, and a business leader. Read more...

2009 Festival
Carrie Newcomer, Bart Peterson, Michael S. Maurer, Deanna Dewberry, David Shaheed.

Reference Materials
Submit your ideas for good books, articles, music, art, etc., on the Inspiring Places theme to festival@iupui.edu.
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