August 3, 2011

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2011 SummerTIME Graduates Celebrate!

LAUSD graduates participating in the SummerTIME program were honored on July 22 for completing the four-week program at a graduation ceremony on the USC campus.


Rossier's Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis' SummerTIME program, now in its 10th year, provides college knowledge and intensive writing preparation to local college-bound students the summer before their freshman year at four-year universities.  More about SummerTIME. 

summertime grad 11
2011 summertime

2011 grad summertime
PACE Awarded California Education Policy Fund Grant

Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE) was awarded $510K over three years from the new California Education Policy Fund - the largest grant awarded in the competition.

PACE, a research center based at Stanford, USC, and UC Berkeley, seeks comprehensive policy reform and continuous improvement in performance at all levels of California's education system. Dr. Dominic Brewer, Rossier Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs, is a Director for PACE.

The Fund was created by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to develop a network of education policy reform organizations that focus on boosting student achievement and college success in California, especially among disadvantaged students.

Read the press release.

More about PACE.
UE Launches Transfer Success Initiative with Liberal Arts Colleges

The Estela Mara BensimonCenter for Urban Education's (CUE) co-directors Dr. Estela Mara Bensimon (top) and Dr. Alicia Dowd (below), Executive Director Linda Wong and Project Specialist Dr. Rosita Ramirez will meet this week with senior leadership from Loyola Marymount University-Los Angeles (LMU-LA) to discuss plans to increase transfer success for Alicia Dowdcommunity college students of color into private nonprofit four-year universities and colleges.  Funded by the Teagle Foundation, this is a two-year pilot involving LMU-LA and Whittier College to test the possibility of replicating the model with other private liberal arts colleges.  The CUE team recently met with leadership from Whittier College, and work is underway.


Peer Review Cites CUE's Equity Scorecard Work in Wisconsin


The Association of American Colleges & Universities' (AAC&U) Peer Review cited CUE's Equity Scorecard™ in an article about University of Wisconsin System's efforts to redesign undergraduate curriculum and strengthen student learning outcomes. A critical element to improving the learning environment is paying close attention to student experiences, particularly for those who have been historically underrepresented in higher education. Peer Review cited the Scorecard's emphasis on disaggregated data to inform inquiry and practice in retention and completion as "the gold standard for measuring student success."

Brewer Joins Editorial Board of JEF
Dominic Brewer

Dr. Brewer has agreed to join the editorial board of the Journal of Education Finance.

He is currently on the editorial board for Education Finance and Policy, and the Journal of School Choice, as well as serving as editor of Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. 
Yates is Speaking at APA Convention in Washington
kenneth yates

Dr. Kenneth Yates will participate in a symposium panel titled "Increasing Educational Psychology's Voice in the Academy and Practice---Innovative Examples From the Field" at the American Psychological Association convention in Washington, DC later this week. 

His remarks will focus on making educational psychology relevant in the context of the unique features of Rossier's Ed.D. program. The program blends theory with practice around courses and concentrations across four themes - diversity, leadership, accountability, and learning.
MAT@USC Success Noted in Chronicle of Higher Ed


The Chronicle of Higher Education mentioned the USC Rossier School's MAT@USC online degree program and noted the program helped the school grow from roughly 100 master's students to 1,500 -- more than are in the education master's programs at Harvard University and Stanford University combined.



Faculty Forefront
Astor Says People Make Safer Schools, Not Cameras
Ron Avi Astor

Dr. Ron Avi Astor is quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article about security cameras on school campuses. He said it takes personnel, not cameras, to make schools safer.

"The schools most effective in the long run are able to get their staffs interacting in spaces and at times not seen as part of the teachers' and principals' domain," said Astor. "There's nothing more effective than showing [students] that adults in their environment care about them."

Read the article.
Strunk Quoted about Florida Teacher Layoffs

Orlando Sentinel quoted Dr. Katharine Strunk about teacher layoffs in Florida schools, and the fact that those earliest hired were the first fired.

"This is the problem that happens when you have layoffs, and a district doesn't have the flexibility to keep the teachers they want," said Strunk.

Read the article.
Wolhstetter On the Air about Charter Teacher Turnover
Priscilla Wohlstetter

Dr. Penny Wohlstetter was interviewed on KFI by Bill Carroll and on by Dennis Synder about the higher turnover of teachers in charter schools compared to other public schools.

Listen to her KFI interview.
Tierney Talks to LATimes about UC/CSU Exec Pay

Los Angeles Times quoted Dr. Bill Tierney about recent decisions by the Cal State and University of California systems to raise tuition and the salaries of highly paid executives.

He described as "flat-footed" the two university systems' recent decisions to raise tuition and the salaries of highly paid executives in the same board meetings.

"But the real problem is that the governor's strategy with higher education is simply to give them less money, and I don't think the systems have been good with how to make strategic cuts," Tierney said. "The governor's letter ... wins political points, but it doesn't solve the education problem."

Read the article.
... And St. Louis Post-Dispatch about Enrollment Caps

St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted Tierney in a story about capping enrollment on college campuses.

Tierney said one problem with enrollment caps is that they exclude marginal applicants, hurting low-income and first-generation students the most.

"If you have to limit enrollment, in effect what you are going to do is limit those that are the weakest," Tierney said.

Read the article.
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PACE Awarded California Education Policy Fund Grant
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Yates is Speaking at APA Convention in Washington
MAT@USC Success Noted in CHE
Astor Says People Make Safer Schools, Not Cameras
Strunk Quoted about Florida Teacher Layoffs
Wohstetter On the Air about Charter Teacher Turnover
Tierney Talks to LAT about High Exec Pay at UC & CSU
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